80s School Dance on a Thursday @ Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The plan was to get to the library and work on three projects. That didn't happen. But I did have a bad dream where I failed to turn up and was in the bathtub at 6.15pm when I was meeting jas at the theatre. 

Arrived at the library at 4.30-ish, group project discussions. My project partner's totally up-to-date and almost finished while I've just finished the plan and collected the info for our manager project. And for individual essays he's finished, while I've finished a draft and up to restructuring and the final. That's due next week. 

Early evening snack, Blueberry Blast from Boost. Then a short trip to the Playhouse. Cloaking... again. I can't help it that I need a big bag for all my books and stuff.

Upstairs seating, the circle. It was high! High enough for me to not be able to tell if that "girl" with the wig is a girl or boy. The cast played more than one character and I had always thought there were two girls, turned out there was one. The other girl was one of the guys in a wig.

We saw 'School Dance' an entertaining play about three 14/15-ish boys in the 50s. The status quo says they're nerds aka losers. The commentary was hilarious "Luke (check name) is a different of loser... that's right he's a loser with long hair." XD The story is about three boys outside their school dance, and Matt turns invisible and travels to another land where he meets an invisible girl. In that land there's a monster, which I thought was a Furby-ish thing, Jas says it's a gremlin. 

Here's a really well-written review. 

I didn't grow up in the 80s (even if I do give the impression that I am a decade older than I actually am), so I didn't really relate to the play, but I do know that cassette mix taps and legwarmers were in - according to my 80s Barbie doll (I'm a collector). Don't think our school ever had school dances - unless you count prom. So we never had to ask someone to go with us, and encounter all the drama. But something from the performance that I recall was similar to my experience of middle school, was the use of the word 'gay'. Which was always used a negative thing, if someone didn't like something that thing would be called gay. Didn't think it ever applied to people though. The losers were still called losers or freaks.

The Cast

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