The Week Before Easter @ Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday - 25th March

Late again. Missed my morning class, and so I went to the late evening class instead - the one where the lecturer really doesn't like me, he started it. The girl in our group dropped out of the subject - which is fine as she told me, rather than going *poof*. The guy I'm working with was too distracted with his excel test (v-lookup) to do any work - I was the same back when I did it, the difference is that I failed that test. I think that was the week after I met Austin. Somehow, perhaps through lack of motivation I didn't do much excel stuff. 

Cards workshop, this week we made an Easter egg basket. Here's my version with my own touch (glitter & bow). At first I was going to add those goggly eyes but then decided against it. Lucy would like to point out that she looks nothing like this. :P

Someone (a girl obviously :P) made these cool baskets that had a cupcake (packet mix - but she still gets points for effort), a chick and chocolate eggs. :)

I was one of the two winners in our monthly/termly raffle. :)

A stampin' kit. The kind one isn't a part of it by the way.
I do like these stamping and could myself using it for inspiration cards.
Once I buy some stamping ink. :P


An unhappy Tuesday. I used to like Tuesdays. Arrived just in time for class, failed to do the homework, as I was going to do it in the staff-room with the teacher beside me (that's how I like to do my work that requires a computer and unfamiliar program) before class. 

Group work... something I've learned from life is that you don't let anyone push you around, cause once you do and they see it's ok everyone else will treat you like that. Oh so it wasn't so bad, I nearly lost it and had a tantrum - but didn't. The Austin Case seriously can't mark the beginning of my downfall can it? The girls picked what they're doing (parts of the group project) based on their major, for two of them it's HR. So can someone explain to me why the hell I'm stuck with the financial part?! I'm not studying accounting or banking & finance... The only reason I'm letting this go is because if I don't I'm going to loose it. That and I got bigger fish to fry. My mental state is already unhinged enough, don't push me. I mean murder suicide was on the list of things to do on the weekend, and no le beau isn't my target (I know you're reading this, and I know it's not your fault).

Had law today, which normally I have on another day. It was intense as always, so many cases to recall. But I like it. It does make me miss Ian though, but sometimes I feel like he's still with me (instead of six feet under). Mr law doesn't accept amusing answers we learnt. Contract law, intent to offer: a man offered a reward to anyone who could find his lost dog, ad in the window of his shop. Two boys found the dog and returned it for the reward. The man said no with two law related reasons. How can they convince him to pay up? Me: Say you're keeping the dog and ask him how his wife is going to feel about that. XD That was not the answer. 

Question of the Week: Is your heart broken? 
Answer: I have more than one personality, and only one of has a heart, that's the one le beau likes. As soon as something bad happens another one takes over, so not really. Though it hasn't really sunken in yet. Once it does I'll have a major relapse and loose another year of my life. But the good news is that he says he still loves me, it's just that we can't be together...

Didn't see Austin today, he got away, but only because I was distracted. We've got our 'you're in trouble' meeting next week so I might never see him again - or at least not for a few months, say four.    

Mail! Intrinsic boxes, ordered about a month ago.
"Shipped" from WA. Handling time: A month.
They're pretty boxes with pretty quote cards. 

Wednesday - Spiraling Downwards

I've decided I love Boost Juice. My favourite is either the berry blast or blueberry smoothie.

Dropped a subject in a way spontaneously  well for me anyway, the idea only came to me today, but I did discuss it with the teacher, she suggested taking it slow and going part-time. 

Went to Myer for a consultation at Natio. The SA was very nice and helpful, and showed me where to put the eye cream. Turns out I've been putting it way to close to my eyes, and you're meant to use it on the bone above & below the eye.

Where to Apply Eye Cream 

Natio was giving away their Mineral Eye Shadow Trios for consultations, and the SA gave me two! :) I got the Fresh & Smokey Eye. Day & Night. Interestingly I love collecting eye shadow, but have yet to use any. :P

Smokey Eye & Fresh 

Next we took a trip to see mr events to ask questions about  the project. In my head I had already planned out the part that I wanted, and my brain was refusing to understand what the part that I was assigned is actually asking. 

I think it's a recent thing but I've noticed there's a lot of security around these past two days. They're like patrolling the hallways. Pretty sure it's that and not just me, like when how when some people see cops they're a bit jumpy. 

Took a trip back to the library I saw miss eco, who got into her Phd thing. :) Winner of most supportive comment of the year. When a friend tells you something bad a guy did you immediately call him a bastard. Even though you don't know who's at fault. XD About 15 minutes of condensed productivity occurred in the next few hours. And then I crashed on the train. Not particularly an eventful day, the least eventful day out and about in a while I think.


Spent the day in bed, lost in my dreams. Meanwhile in the city a wall collapses and kills two kids from RMIT. A case of wrong time wrong place, the scary part is that we've actually been to that location, there's a performance space opposite that wall. Life is too short not to take risks and have fun. Though who (other than those going for a PhD) can honestly say the main focus of their life is studying?

Woke up just in time to rush to the office to submit a cheque. The website says it closes at 6pm, that was not the case. Turns out that I didn't have to pay to submit that form because the girl working there yesterday who told me I did assumed that I was an international student, who pay every fee.

Saw a rainbow, though through the lens of my mini you couldn't see it.
Bought dinner on the way to class, conveniently located across the street from Southern Cross.

Teriyaki Chicken from 'Purple Peanuts'. 8.90 

First person to arrive for class, freaked out because I thought they had a room change. Regreated missing the Monday class, the make-up class is late at night and far far away. A guy in the class reccognized me from economics. Why does everyone recognize me from that class? O.o

Achievement of the Day: Turned up to class and did the weekly test.

Good Friday (Appeal)

It doesn't feel like a Friday without my law classes. Helped out with the 'Good Friday Appeal' this morning. Was very late and lost though so I didn't deserve to count it as my  work hours (I need 200 hours by 2015). Met up with the club in Toorak and we did that area and another area near by. Most people were pretending not to be home. Only a couple people said no. One person had their dusty Christmas deco up, which was disturbing. O.o There was one guy who got his little kids to donate which was nice. :)

I saw a Sunflower along the way. I've never seen one in real life before.

Kitty! It went up to me and circled me. While I took pictures and said hello.
Funny how when I see an animal I say hi, but when I see people I avoid them.
Meanwhile I was being watched by a girl in a 4WD, that was awkward.  

Not much else was achieved today, but I did do the weekly photo edits, and create a list of project deadlines. Tomorrow we'll plan and be up to the final draft on one of them.

How was your week? Did you get lots of Easter Chocolate? :P

Blogger Krissy said... on April 2, 2013 at 1:33 PM  

Howcome you need 200 hours of work by 2015? (just outta curiosity!)

Blogger Charlie said... on April 2, 2013 at 11:39 PM  

Business Integrated Learning (BIL) is about getting 200 hours of event experience. And at the moment they estimate I'll finish the course by 2015. :P

Blogger Krissy said... on April 3, 2013 at 10:15 AM  

Oh ok! Is that for uni, yeah?

Blogger Charlie said... on April 3, 2013 at 8:34 PM  


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