April Empties & Samples @ Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Balancer 
Using oil to cleanse sounds strange to me, especially for someone who had oily skin (now that I'm older I have dry skin). After trying it for a few weeks I really like it! It removes make-up too. Here's a video on how to use it. I think I tried the fresh or classic one. The only downside the the price 450ml/110.00 - but it's only 67.00 in the US. Price is the only reason I wouldn't purchase it, though in the future I'd like to create my own oil cleansing mixture.


Biosource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mousse (Normal/Combo Skin) 150ml/30.00
It's nice and creamy. Like. :) Above average, though it would require further trials to determine if I'd buy it or not. Though based on price, unless it was amazing I wouldn't buy it. 

Biosource Instant Hydration Toning Lotion (Toner)(Normal/Combo Skin) 200ml/36.00
An alcohol free toner it seems. Nice, but meh. At least it doesn't burn like Clinque. :)

Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel 50ml/60.00
Smells interesting, like seaweed and all things under the sea (but no fish). A light gel, reminds me of Clinque's DDM Gel. It stung a little though. Didn't really like or dislike this one. Compared to the Clinque Gel it's a bit more $$, Clinque being 50ml/40.00 or 125ml/75.00

Lush - Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask 17.00
Nice but Lily, Helen and I all found that other than making you feel refreshed it didn't actually do anything. A placebo really. Not recommended. You might be better off going DIY on face masks.

Redken - Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner Duo 44.00
Dislike. While it smells like Tootsie Rolls it makes my hair squeaky clean. Didn't really do anything. Anyone got recommendations for fine oily roots?

Lush - Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar 14.00
I've had this since mid-feb till end of April, so its lasted me 2.5mths when I use it 2-3 times a week. While it smells nice and the description is appealing, I don't like it as it makes my hair squeaky clean.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion 250ml/6.50
A rich lotion/cream that smells like chocolate! I like it, though personally wouldn't purchase as I prefer a fragrance free lotion. 

Kiehl's - Orange Flower & Lychee Skin-Softening Body Cleanser 250ml/30.00
Like. It was nice and didn't make my skin itchy/squeaky clean, but if you're buying it for the scent you're better off with the lotion, which is only $8 more. 

DermaVeen Everyday Moisturising Cream
It smells like cherry, artificial cherry flavoured cough surup. 
Being a cream it's also quite thick. Dislike.

DermaVeen Everyday Moisturising Lotion 1L/21.00
A lighter version of the cream ^, the scent is lighter too. It's more of a gel out of the bottle, but applied it turns white, into a lotion. You'll need to rub it in well otherwise it stays white. Dislike. 

Cetaphil - Moisturizing Body Lotion 1L/19.00
A light gel, fragrance free. My HG body lotion, being fragrance free I can always wear perfume with it. :) We shall be repurchasing this, or perhaps the QV one. 

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