23rd Thursday

Getting better :). Running late as always, the bus decided to come early so I missed it. Melbourne Central was having their VIP Day today, missed the treasure hunt (need to be there 9am) but it's ok cause my prediction is that last year's was better - there was cupcakes and fries. 

Kiehl's had a pop-up area near the clock and was offering sample bags (they say it's worth $20 but I'll be doing the maths :P) with the condition that we do a 2-3min consultation. The catch? There's a line. We lined up for a bit over an hour. Was it worth it? No. Fortunately I had all my law books with me and got through one of them. The guy who did my consultation was very nice, not pushy at all. And he looked great - his skin that is, he said he's wearing their BB Cream and feels a bit gay. XD 

There was two types of bag designs, I wonder if they have different samples in them. 
Didn't ask though as the girls at the counter weren't friendly.    

Deluxe Samples

Sachet Samples 

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner 250ml/28.00 - 40ml/4.48
Rosa Arctica (Moisturizer) 50ml/84.00 - 7g/11.76
Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque (Night Cream) 125ml/48.00 - 7g/2.69
Fig Leaf & Sage EDT (Fragrance) 100ml/75.00 - 1.5ml/1.13
Creme de Corps (Body Cream) 250ml/38.00 - 5ml/0.76
Ultra Facial Cream (Moisturizer) 125ml/64.00 - 3ml/1.53
Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (Serum) 50ml/85.00 - 1.5ml/2.55
24.90 surprisingly 

We calculated the above used the unit price of the largest size they offer, unless it's a lot e.g. Creme the Corps comes in a 1L bottle. I like it when they tell me what the product actually is, cause 'Recovery Gel' to me doesn't make it catergorizable, as oppose to being told it's a serum.

IMO opinion you could have easily gotten the sachets for free depending on what you're wearing and which SA you get (boys are usually nicer), and the three pots/bottle are labeled as deluxe samples which you get when you buy something (though perhaps only online?). My favourite thing was the EDT, Figs, Helen's signature scent. I'd get it myself, except I still got four bottles on my shelf, and a couple in the cupboard.

Blueberry Cupcakes @ Jurlique 

After that (an hour + later) we went to Jurlique to check out the competition they're running, random draw for $100+ purchases. Got recommendations and samples, and a blueberry cupcake. :) Store bought and then iced with buttercream.

Jurlique Samples 

Next stop was Toni & Guy, a bit harder to get the goodie bag they're offering. Some people are less willing to give them out w/o purchase. Inside the tote bag was a book featuring Melbourne (?) bloggers with nice hair (including Violet le Beaux!) and a shampoo samples (decent size bottle) for dry hair. 

Label M. Honey & Oat Conditioner

Stopped by Cocolatte (they sell cotton on-esque stuff, but slightly better) while most of their stuff isn't so great, their singlets are great and only 3.00 each. Though once I found an amazing red 60s style shift dress there.

On our way out we passed Crabtree & Evelyn to inquire about Evelyn Rose, their signature scent. It turns out that when they redesigned the packaging they also redid the scent. I really like the new scent, but not the old one which is musky and less rosey. While the woman helping me was very nice, the manager wasn't so nice. She doesn't like me, probably cause we had a voucher the last time I shopped there. Because of her I much prefer the Collins St store. 

Last shop, 'The Body Shop' they had a random chance competition. After a hand spa treatment (cleanse, scrub, moisturize, perfume)  you get to pick a cupcake on a board. Under one there's a gold star, there was red velvet, chocolate and something with a dried banana slice on top. I suspect that it was the 3rd one that had the star, maybe. Anyway I went with my heart, chocolate. :P Buttercream. Perfect size, as I already had a cupcake today. Unfortunately by the time I found a place to take pictures I had lost most of the choc shavings, as they weren't stuck into the icing. 

TBS was also doing a lucky dip, while I didn't get a clear shot of it I do believe the box was full of perfume samples. I saw pink and green in particular, picked the pink, which turned out to do a sample vial of 'Japanese Cherry Blossom'. I've seen this before but never had the opportunity to try it, as I don't shop at TBS (except for their xmas Cranberry products). I wonder how it compares to L'Occitane's version, which I really really like.

Two Cherry Blossoms

Another picture, just cause it's so pretty. :P 

Lunch was next. Sushi. The prawn/avocado had soggy rice today. That's never happened before. Met Emily to get her library card (you can bring books into the law exam, just not your college's books, need to go to another one). Did some book scanning, fell asleep. Yes while scanning. Sleep walking mode couldn't read, instead we compared diagrams, that didn't make any sense. When I woke up I had scanned the entire book w/o reading it! Time to go home.

Did you go to the Shopping Festival at Melb Central last week? Or do the treasure hunt?

Blogger Ivy said... on May 30, 2013 at 5:59 PM  

I did the treasure hunt! I actually missed out on a few items because the employees from a few stores hadn't been checking for wristbands and had given everything out to anyone that came in instead of just to those participating. I did manage to pick up a bracelet from Mocha, a soap from lush, a few of those sachet samples and vouchers. Last year's was probably better because you got free food!

I didn't know TBS had cupcakes! :( Wish I had gone in haha

Blogger Charlie said... on May 30, 2013 at 8:55 PM  

That sounds fun, disappointed by lack of food though :P I assume Boost gave out a discount voucher? Lush smells amazing. :)

I don't think they advertised it, cause then it'll be where you'd find all the boys :P They advertised is as a competition.

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