Mother's Day Classic 2013 @ Friday, May 17, 2013

Left at 6.30am for a 7.30 start at Alexandra Gardens, Mother's Day Classic. A sunny day, though a bit windy. We signed in, were given shirts and showbags and sent to different areas. 

Lots of brown boxes and bananas. 

I'm doing showbags. The man in charge of the area was friendly, though not too keen on being a man :P. The girls found a danny longlegs, drama followed including looking for a man to kill it. We asked the guy in charge who said "Give me a moment and I'll find you a man" XD quote of the day. It seem to have disappeared (underground I hope). 

The first shift sorted through 40k of tote bags. So what exactly did we do? Well the bags were sent here in bundles, and between each bag was tissue paper. On a windy day they'll be everywhere, when the order was placed there was no mention of the paper. And so the first half of the morning was spent going through endless piles of bags pulling out the papers (and stopping them from flying out of the bin). It was quite sad to think that somewhere in china (box said it came from china) in a factory workers had stuck the paper in between each bag, only to have it sent to another country and be removed. I know it was people and not a machine because we found a few hairs on the bags. 

Round two I stayed for, was much much easier. Medals come on a lanyard wrapped around it and secured with a rubber-band  Just unwrap them and lay them out ready to be given out. There were like a billion of them, an asian woman asked if she could have a few, that was strange. Is she going to sell them on ebay? XD 

Later it turns out the medals are actually key-rings  which is great as then you might actually use it, other than sticking it in a frame in the trophy room. Though personally I prefer the later. ;)

As for entertainment there was a huge slide for the kids and red butterflies walking around, as it was a windy day that would have been a difficult task with those giant wings. :P

Volunteer Showbags

The Finish Line

I miss our long walks in the park - in costume.

Came across this outside a bubble tea place on Swanston,
on the way to lunch at Tokui Sushi, my favourite sushi place.

What did you do on Mother's Day?

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