The Pictures & Dinner with Jas @ Thursday, May 09, 2013

 Chocolateria San Churro

Stopped for churros on the way to the pictures, at Chocolateria San Churro (we went to QV) they have a promo for double churros if you have the code. Which is 'Mandrid' so I got churros for one and got 6 pieces, instead of 3. Between the two of us we got churros for 4 XD, because someone wasn't paying attention. I'm quite challenged at taking night shots, so there's no picture of the sign/logo. Because it was very brightly lit I couldn't edit it. 

Churros for One 10.00-ish

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Tabu. It starts off in Lisbon, Portugal  An old woman, Miss Aurora who's tired of life and likes to gamble dies. She believes her maid, Santa is a witch. And her only friend is Pilar her neighbour. On her deathbed Aurora asks for a man, Ventura. Ventura then tells the story of their youth, Aurora's father had a farm in Africa, near Mt Tabu. Ventura was a player and Aurora was his lover. They start off as neighbours, she's married (her husband's quite good looking ;) while Ventura has an evil looking mustache  XD Aurora has a baby, they break up the affair as Ventura goes traveling with his band. 10yrs later the husband dies and she moves to Portugal (where they're from) and so does her lover, but they don't get back together - despite knowing they're both in the same country.

Aurora in her younger years, played by Ana Moreira is very pretty.

It was nice, jas sees how it won awards, but I don't. Oh and the croc was a wedding gift from her husband which keeps escaping and running off to Ventura's place. A symbol perhaps? I like how it's in black and white, it adds to the film somehow. There's a bedroom scene and parts of it is almost artistic, pictures that people would actually have in their walls. The beginning was a bit depressing though, with the reminded that you will die. 

The cinema was located near Brunetti’s, a cake shop (there's one above Myer) it's on my wishlist, but as we already had dessert I wasn't allowed to buy a cake. :( But that's ok, I'll be back. Meanwhile I got some pictures. :)

Afterwards we had a walk down Lygon St (which jas dubbed as 'Little Italy') and picked an Italian place for dinner, without researching it first :P. We went to Copperwood and ordered the 'Pesto Chicken'. The pizza was good, Crust like. I prefer Crust actually. 

The service was great, our waiter was very friendly. He poofed towards the end so I didn't catch his name and feel weird about calling and asking "Who's the waiter who was outside on Thursday night, around 9pm?". I'm going to say I'm neutral on this one, it might be better to ask for recommendations, but at the time I prefer pizza over pasta.

Pesto Chicken 18.50

Street lamps ain't the best source of lighting. :P

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