Thursday 25th April 

This is the last week of the Sand Sculpting Australia's 'Under the Sea' Exhibition. Entry is 12.50/10.00 (adult/student). There were some amazing sand castles, my favourites being the 360 Greek "castle" and Neptune/Poseidon (god of the sea). The sculptors were amazing, the amount of detailing down to the textures. 

Slightly disappointed they didn't do Feeding Frenzy (the game, not book) and the Little Mermaid. They had "mermaids" to not scare the children. In truth they were sirens, as you could tell from the skulls they had as props. There was a mother who told her little girl it was Ariel and her sisters. XD Fortunately the girl didn't inquire what's with the skulls. 

I remember the first time we went to see sand sculptors  it was back in San Fran and I went with my 1st bf. They had a Disney theme, Sleeping Beauty and the Haunted Mansion were among the exhibits.

As I took a billion pictures and want to share 50, I'm breaking it up into 5 posts, one to be published each week. When there's too much sand it starts to all look like the same thing.

Here's part one. I normally edit my pictures, but quite a few had optimal lighting or bad lighting that couldn't be edited, hence most don't have rounded edges.  

These three have amazing lighting. Outdoor lighting picture of the year?

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