Lindt Chocolat Café - Collins St @ Monday, June 17, 2013

I've always wanted to go to Lindt, while I've been there a few times before for their hot chocolate (more chocolaty  for creamy go to Koko) and white chocolate macarons I've never actually ever not gotten take-away. They charge more for dine-in, though the main reason I was hesitant about going there was that they don't have their menu online, and I like to know what I'm going to order before I get there. But one autumn afternoon, induced by a group buy deal, we finally went the for afternoon tea, Jas & I. 

Not too many outdoor pictures were taken as it was raining 
(Jas held the umbrella while I took this).

While I first went here macarons were around 2.20-2.50. 
Now they're 3.00 each, no refunds if you're not 100% satisfaction.
Do you think one day they'll be 5.00? Jas says yes, when $5 is the new $2. 

I find the lighting here interesting, with high white ceilings it makes the place feel cold, distance, as cold as Austin, while at ground level it's all warm and lovely. An inconsistency. Dislike. Yes the lighting here was edited. I think we're missing massive chandeliers that Gatsby would have had.

I might get my b'day cake from Lindt this year, Lindt or Brunetti's.

Jas ordered the dark hot chocolate while I went for half milk/dark. :) 
Best option when you can't decide between the two.

In my opinion it's the best hot chocolate, as it really is just melted chocolate + milk.

With ourdeal we had the Lindt Favourites Sharing Platter. Everything was wonderful. 

We started with the warm crunchy waffles with vanilla ice cream, which we both loved. Jas had the cream with that, but I saved mine for the brownie. The brownies were moist and very rich, lovely (no sarcasm) great with strawberries and cream. Not something I'd order on its own though. I think you're meant to have the chocolate pot with the waffles but we forgot as the ice cream was melting fast.    

One of the truffles - but white. 

With my insistence jas cut the truffles and macarons in half. Loved the truffles, he prefers the one coated in cocoa while I preferred the one with soft spikes - they both tasted the same in the middle. 

Macarons were nice, though they're nothing to talk about on this occasion. Every other time they were amazing (I always get the white chocolate ones), but not this time. 

The yellow one was 'Salted Caramel' but neither of us (jas's a foodie) could tell what flavour it was, till we looked it up. The other, Hazelnut was more flavour-ous and the shell rose a bit more. But in all they were average. 

Everything was very nice and we highly recommend you check out Lindt if you're in Melbourne/Sydney. The deal was 20.00 which was definitely worth it as hot chocolate is around 7.00 dine-in and macarons are 3.00 each (though not always worth it).   

Service was average, nothing to talk about, but no issues either.

The blue ones are 'Stracciatella', a white truffle with cocoa nibs inspired by "cookies 'n cream" ice cream. Le beau sent me a box of these last (or the year before) V'day. Love the gesture - he knows I love cookies 'n' cream. Sadly I didn't like them, when it comes to Lindor I love white chocolate. They had a bit too coconuty texture with the nibs and aren't as smooth as the others.

Something else I love is Creme Brulee, simply irresistible  I love it so much I would have it served as dessert at our wedding, until le beau pointed out that it might be a better idea to serve our wedding cake and ice cream or a chantilly cream. He was right.

Have you ever been to Lindt?  

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