Phat Brats @ Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Wednesday a few weeks ago someone forgot we were having lunch, and the place that we were going to kicked me out for lack of ID, I've been there before - they've just never checked ID before. And so I went wandering on Brunswick Rd, where I got lost and lost pretty much all the cards that a normal person keeps in their wallet. We had a bad day. Though the highlight was coming across 'Phat Brats', a place that does hotdogs like 'Snag Stand' near Melb Central and 'Dog Nation' near Myer & DJs. A major different is the other places are in the CBD, and are mainly take-away / limited seating places, whereas Phat Brats is a place to hang out with a cold beer and the boys. 

Phat Brats was on my list of places to visit, though I didn't know where it was or what I would order. It was very different, being spontaneous that is. I'm not sure if I like it.

I like how they have their menu outside, cause I feel as soon as you step in you have to commit - the exception is when it's almost candlelight "lighting" inside, I can't get decent pictures and the dish I wanted is sold out. 

*Click to enlarge*

Like Grill'd you can choose your roll. 
I picked the seeded which was nice & soft.
There were dips for your chips too.

 Unfortunately I failed to see this offer till after I ordered.
But we shall be back, as there was something else I wanted to try. 

Chicken & Herb 9.00
Chicken & Herb Sausage with Cheddar, 
BBQ Sauce, Appleslaw, Sour Cream and Crisp Shallots

I ordered the Chicken & Thyme with a side of fries and aioli for 12.70. The hot dog itself had really nice soft bread (there was 3 to choose from, buns that is) but other than that average. I felt that you could go DIY. As the sausage was something you'd get in the Coles Gourmet range. I did like the applesaw though. 

Seasoned Fries + Aioli
Side 3.50 Aioli 0.20

The fries, are like Schnitz but less oily. If you like Schnitz you'll love these, golden and crunchy. Unfortunately the aioli was nothing to talk about, we prefer the sauces at Grill'd. But on the up side it's the cheapest dip you'll ever get. :P

So how does Phat Brats compare to Snag Stand and DogNation?
Price - 2nd
Location - 3rd
As Place to Hang Out - 1st

Best Chips (Snags vs Brats) - Brats 
Best Sausage - Dog Nation
Best Roll - Phat Brats 

Overall I'd recommend it if there are no other places in town that look nice. But not worth a trip out there from the city. For hot dogs I prefer 'Dog Nation' near Bourke St. Though the good news about Phat Brats is that they have a student offer, hot dog + chips for 10.00, which the others don't.

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