The Week Before Exams @ Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week starting 27th May 


Watched 1.5 law lecs and took two baths with Santa('s Sack) :P, I may have fallen asleep and forgot I already had a bath. Don't you hate it when you can't tell whether it's you that's cold or the water?

  • Discovered an entertaining abandoned blog, I like her style though it's a bit bold for me. You'll never hear about me posting about bedroom activities (foreplay in the basement doesn't count :P). 
  • It's great to read about someone who also didn't give a damn about Zara opening in Syd/Melb. Even more interesting was that I was talked to Fern and said it's like supre, everyone's wearing the same thing, and I'm not one of them. And the last comment on the page Kelly Lee says the same. XD 
  • I've never met or read anyone remotely like me (other than Ashley), and it seems we aren't "overly affectionate person" well actually my level of affection is 0% when it comes to humans. She also had a post on "I Missed Out On Some Girl Genes" and I agree on 4/5 of them (I've been guilty of crying to manipulate men :P). We both aren't into PDA
  • There's an entertaining post on Heels and Socks. Question: If you aren't asian but wear knee-highs does that still make you look like an asian call girl? You know the type, stick insects in their 20s who portray a character all innocent and child like (commonly found on ebay). le beau doesn't approve of my socks, he they make me look like a school girl and he's really not into that, being a teacher. 
  • Tights are NOT Pants I totally agree - though to be honest there are things worse than that e.g. denim underwear.


Lazy, didn't get up till 7.30pm. Attempted to make cupcakes and encountered many problems:
1. Out of canola oil, but it turns out someone just decided to transfer it to an unlabelled bottle
2. That same someone bought low/no fat sour cream and milk when I requested full cream
3. She wanted to go healthy and do it her way. FFS if I was doing it her way I'd go out and buy everyone a musli bar. 
4. Oven is out of action. It was a lock, someone bend the key. 
5. Mini oven smells like fish and since someone used it last month and decided not to clean it. 
6. Small oven = small batches = mix a bit of the batter at a time. How much? We need mr maths to figure this out. :(

Story of why I hate cooking, too many problems and fights. When it come to cooking I'm the bitter friend (i)This friend is a massive downer; you ring her for a chat feeling happy and leave the conversation wanting to kill yourself. They do nothing but winge, whine, bitch and moan over their life.(/i) Cooking makes me angry! Though deep down that's what I'm like all the time, that's why I have multiple personalities. The main though not dominant character 'The Damsel in Distress' may be manic depressive though she likes cooking, le beau & co has made it fun, as we don't have a big fight every time we step into the kitchen.

Oreo Cupcakes round 3. Genric. There was no passion. And so the cake was dead, nothing amazing. Tasted like there was no sugar in it... Oh and it stuck to the wrapper so we lost half the cake. 


Productivity 10%. On the way to class we stopped by Fugazza for a foccacia and still made it, just in time. :P Class was ok, a bit helpful, though it could have been done better.

Chicken schnitzel focaccia 6.00

I really liked the foccacia even if I made me feeling a little too full and strange because of the cheese. I got there with perfect timing right before the coffee rush (20+ business men all ordered coffee, no they weren't all together). 

We were going to have lunch at 'Naked for Satan' but then got kicked out, for lack of ID.  Fortunately most places don't check, I still maintain that I don't need ID.

I recall a crepes place nearby 'Breizoz French Creperie', that's at no.49 while Satan's 285, no wonder I couldn't find it. In the end I came across 'Phat Brats' which was on my list so we had lunch there. Service was friendly, and having lunch at 3.30 meant that there was almost no one there - great for pictures. 

Chicken & Herb + Seasoned Fries + Aioli 13.00 

At some point I lost my cards wallet (myki & ID required for the exam)! I last saw it at Phat Brats, must have dropped it between there and Satan (near the tram stop). Spent the next couple hours freaking out, retraced my steps. It's gone. :( Filed a report at the local police station, the guy says there's a low chance I'd get it back and to cancel everything. It's not like me to lose things, I never lose things!

Trip back to the city, my first $$$ purchase from L'Occitane - not hand cream. :P Library to do some scanning for my law book. Jas and I were going to meet for hot chocolate, but with the lost wallet drama he left. :( But we're doing it tomorrow instead.

Station. Lined up for 30mins to buy a new myki. Tomorrow I need to fill out another form, get it stamped by the school and bring it to the station. And get a new ID card (they charged extra for express) for the exam on Monday. :(

On the way home mother asked me to pick up a sim card for her, which they can't sell to me w/o ID. FFS! How is it that I can go to "book" shops w/o ID and the staff are friendly but can't buy a sim card at Safeway?!

Theatre. Yes I bought cupcakes. :) Everyone liked them. While I think they're better than round 1, I don't think they're better than round 2 (last week) as there was little passion. I spoke to Adrian (BIL) about this and he said I speak of cooking as if it was love making XD.


Woke up exhausted at noon. On the way to school (to replace everything lost) we got a ticket for not having a valid myki, but the inspector said just send them the police report and it'll be fine. 

Got new cards (free of charge cause I filed the report) though in the process we found out one of my subjects isn't running so I had to pick a few more. Worst timetable ever, 9am-12pm classes (leave at 6.45 to get there) and night classes (6-9pm). Though I suppose it could be worse, if I had all morning classes. 

New ID card = new photo op. :) Normally a good thing, though mr librarian tells me no one looks good on their ID card. :P As I was short I wasn't at the right height for the picture, and I looked like an ompa lumpa! Jas thought it was hilarious. Apparently I over did my powder and didn't notice! 

In terms of work I sorted out the scans from yesterday and organized them. Did it for the old book then found the new book and had to do it again. :( But the new book was better... 

Lovely weather isn't it? *it's raining, and jas without an umbrella is getting soaked* O.O I mean for hot chocolate. :P I love hot chocolate (by the fire) when it's cold & wet outside. Highlight of the day - hot chocolate with jas at Lindt, we're never been there before. Jas has actually never been there as he didn't know it existed O.O and I've only gotten hot chocolate and macarons take-away. Did you know they charge more if you dine in? Especially on Sundays.

Our Deal 20.00 Offer
Detailed post coming up soon.

One Cold & Wet Thursday.


Spent in a coma, dead tired. Ended up staying up all night to work on law notes. Turns out I had completely forgottten about case notes. 9.40am worked through the night and I'm up to 9/14.

In other notes we called to cancel my myki and they said to come to the station to fill out the form, while the station said to call. My cards have been found, someone used it on a tram on Brunswick Rd around 5pm - after I had lost it.  

Saturday & Sunday

Cramming cases. There are at least 50 pages of cases in my notes. It took a lot longer than I'd expected. 

12.36am Monday, almost got everything, just need remedy diagrams and past exams. 

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