24th Monday June. At noon it was foggy. I miss long summer days where I didn't have to wear a coat, and it wasn't so cold. I never recall it being this cold before...

One of this week's adventure was a trip to China Bar Signature Buffet, which has been on my wishlist for a while. I haven't been there because I have a small apatite (except when it comes to desserts) and don't think I'd eat $30+ worth of food :P. 

But they were having a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free LUNCH Facebook Offer' (making it $30 for lunch for 2, Mon-Thu), and so it was the perfect opportunity to check out the place. We plan on going to both locations, but today we went to the city branch, near the theatres on Exhibition St. Unfortunately this offer now has ended - but they still have a 'Buy 2 get the 3rd dinner free' though, which works out to be $118 (Mon-Thu). Link

China Bar on Exhibition St is about a block from Parliament Station, the Nicholson St end (that's the side with the lifts).

Arriving around 1.30pm the place was about half full (lunch is from 11.30-3pm), we were greeted by the manager and presented the fb offer, we were then led to our table. While the lighting wasn't the best we still got good pictures. :) We were then presented with the drinks menu, mainly alcohol & tea. Prices seem to start from $6 (OJ) and nothing caught my interest. Throughout the session waiters took away used plates and refilled our glasses.

There's a great salad bar, sushi & dumpling area, roasted meats (chicken/pork/duck), custom order and main dishes area. And that's just downstairs.

Salad Bar


All things fried, there was fried veggies too.

Tuna Mayo with Macaroni

Steamed Fish


Fried Shanghai Dumplings

Yum Cha Dumplings

Roast Meats   

I tried a bit of everything while jas picked a dish of randoms, a dish of coconut rice & something, and two bowls/dishes of noodles. No pictures were taken as he took a billion, though he has no intention of sending them to me.

Round 1 - Curry Puff, Curry Chicken, Stir-Fry Beef, Coconut Rice, Salmon (Fried) Rice, Mussel in xo Sauce, Feta & Fish (fried), Deep Fried Egg. 

The curry puff was average, supermarket freezer stuff, everything else was nice though. I like the mussel and chicken the most. The deep fried egg was interesting, just the outside was fried. Didn't like the stir-fry beef as it was chewy, which jas liked. 

Round 2 - Sushi, Fried Prawn Ball coated with almonds (crab cake) loved that! Steamed fish had no flavour (forgot the sauce...) more coconut rice. Roast chicken & duck - love. Had a cube of potato with mayo. Also had 'Har Gow', prawn dumpling(?) which was nice. Sushi was average. Everything was nice, but I loved the roast meats and mussels in XO sauce with coconut rice and plum sauce (tangy, salty, spicy).

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