Comic-Con - Melbourne 2013 @ Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday - Comic Con - Day 1


Long day, 7am - 6pm. My job was 'Autograph Line Minder', we give people sticky notes with their name, direct them to the right lines and not allow them to take pictures of the guests. Why? Cause we're selling pictures. Though it really doesn't help when one decides to get on the table and strike a pose. :P I saw Prue, Piper, Leo (Charmed), blue fairy & Jiminy Cricket (OUAT), Todd (Scrubs) and other people I've never heard of. 

Lots of costumes. :) Low on Harry Potter, the only pirate we saw was Gibs, no Avatar (last airbender), not many dr who things. Adventure Time was popular though and so was Disney Princess (+ Flyn Rider). 

Jasmine & Aladdin
I've never seen this done before, how does her top stay on? O.O

Aurora & Belle -The Rapunzel - Aurora (same outfit) - Megan
Aurora no.2 was pretty... though I think that's a guy.

Generic Snow White - Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre-Dame)
Rapunzel (2) - Belle (2) - Ariel (Mermaid, Human)

Rocky Horror Show

The Scarecrow from Batman
Undoubtedly the scariest costume! Definitely a prize winner.
This guy was in lines for autographs for quite some time.

Assassin's Creed
I love her outfit, no idea what it's from though...

Unknown & Darth Vader
Sir Gwaine! (?) / Aragon (2) - Lord of the Rings (Galadriel)

Transformer - Flynn Rider (Rapunzel) - Thor -  Jawa (Star Wars)

Flynn Rider & Ariel (Mermaid, Princess)

Daria - Arial - Riddler (Batman) - Regina (OUAT)

Riddler (Batman) 

Tom & Jerry - Cookie Monster

Jack Sparrow & Gibbs (POTC)
Not taken at CC/13 but I saw Sparrow last year, and Gibbs this year.

Tintin as a Sim with Snowy  

There were some pretty stalls, love the corsets, Neo-Victorian stuff and jewelry  Also a stall of what looked like melted bead badges. Half of the jewelry I saw came from ebay e.g. octopus necklace worth a couple dollars selling for $30! A pearl emerald eyed owl ring was spotted along with a bronze feathers ruby heart pendant, and lots of pocket watches selling for $16+ (worth $3 on ebay). There was also that apple core necklace and silver filigree collars. Post coming up on that.

Qabili Pailau (Lamb Stew) Served with Yellow Rice 12.50

For lunch we had an hour break, and with the lines being very long (think almost theme park ride long) we went to the Afghanistan Pop Up Cafe at Melbourne Museum next door, damn fences, had to go all the way around the building. We had Afghanistan’s national dish Qabili Pilau. Fluffy pilaf rice studded with raisins and nuts which hides a gently spicy slow-cooked lamb stew buried at the bottom of the bowl. Loved the raisins and carrot sticks. Definitely something I'd recommend and try to create at home.

Charmed Exclusive Panel

We went to a panel (Q & A) for Charmed, which was pretty cool. To see it you have to get the ticket that's about $500 (that also includes other stuff). Considering Charmed was on 1998-2006 it was amazing that people remembered stuff. I've seen the beginning up to when Prue got killed off and bit and pieces of the end. At some point I'll watch it all again. I remember the first time I watched it during spring break in middle school while doing maths (went through most of the textbook before school started :P). 

I'm not sure why but I don't usually notice that someone's got an American accent on screen (all the shows I watch except BBC Merlin & Tudors, Downton) other than Brenda with her southern accent (The Closer) but irl it's very noticeable. Btw Prue said it takes 8 days to film an episode with 16hr days. 

Staff received an autograph from Patricia or Nell.

Autographs sold for either $30 or $40 each and the lines were very very long for them. I've never understood why people are so keen to meet celebs and to ask them questions. I wouldn't know what to ask. Though I'd totally buy autographs for the cast of BBC Merlin, particularly the knights if they came to Comic-Con.

Leaving at 6.30pm

Did you go to Comic-Con this year?     

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