Going out and receiving the mail, two of my favourite things. This week with 170-ish pictures taken, work and outings around it I wasn't sure how to structure the weeks' posts. This one's about places where I ate and mail.

Lindt - Favourites Platter & Hot Chocolate

Friday brunch after lunch dessert at Lindt. We still had another $20 deal from ourdeal. As we've been here and ordered the exact same thing before, posted about here, I'm not going to do a full review. I had my hot chocolate half milk/dark premixed. Don't you hate it when you're pouring liquid and it goes down the side of the jug instead of into the cup?

The macarons were normal this time (a bit flat last time + flavour fail), I had the salted caramel and he had the hazelnut. One of chocolates was a milk choc heart with pink sprinklings (of course he knew I wanted that one :P, the general rule is if it's pretty it's mine) with strawberry filling. I like it. We let him have the chocolate pot, which he didn't stick him tongue in as expected. XD Though that's what we all want to do if we could.

Diane Sushi - Today's Specials 1.50
Tuna, Cali, Prawn & Corn

Friday pre-dinner snack. By chance I discovered that place was 'Diane's' the cheapest sushi in town. Lunch special 12-2pm 4 rolls for $6. I've been past here many times but have never been there as there's a sushi shop (my favourite) a couple stops down and this place looks a bit shifty. We have pictures.

It's a mini shop.

Is that newspaper on the floor?!

My favorite sushi place. Not open for dinner.

Saturday Snack. - French Crepes @ Le Petite Creperie

Feeling a bit down after work and exhausted I felt to hot chips, but resisted and got something a bit healthier - in terms of 'sometimes food.' The service is always nice, and the guy/girl behind the counter always has a French accent. While this is where we always go for crepes Andy prefers the doughy artificial cream in a can filled ones at Melb Central.

I always get the salted caramel. Must try something different next time.

I see Nutella in the background. :P

Salted Caramel Crepe 5.00

Onto mail received this week. Other than Tim Tam we recieved...

An unexpected package from Bride.com. I had won the candy? and they sent an extra gift, Evelyn Rose, my favourite C&E scent, still got the hand cream in full size and body gel. :P Used up the entire tub of body cream, which I received a compliment on from someone. Candy tastes yucky by the way, not recommended. For fast stress relief I recommend looking up picture of cute animals or burning a scented candle, or spraying perfume if at work.

Adding it to my collection of unopened handcreams.

Places my hand creams live: desk draw (3), bedside (2), bag, make-up bag, purple coat pocket. There should be a couple in random bags, coats and at le beau's place. L'Occitane is much better than Crabtree & Evelyn by the way. Though I'd like to try Jurlique again after I finish this collection.

Neutrogena Naturals

This was from a fb giveaway, I do think (almost) everyone got one as my sister & in-law sisters also received the pack. It came in a white/green boarded cosmetic bag by the way. Looking forwards to using all three items, especially the soap. Does anyone use a bar of soap on their face? Dove's Beauty Bar doesn't count. I'm currently using a Clinque soap.

Sebamed Samplings

Another giveaway, with less winners though. Apparently this lot is worth $10. Cute sample size. They came in individual boxes with paper in them, like high end products. Mother once had a friend who went on and on about pH levels in food (turns out it's a new diet) and skincare/ cosmetics. I don't quite understand it myself. All I recall is acidic vs alkaline  and strips of colour paper in middle school Chem that you dipped into stuff (mainly food for us).

Did you eat anywhere interesting or receive gifts in the mail recently?             

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