Friday 19th June

A long and exhausting day. A late brunch (Lucy didn't want me to leave) at Lindt with jas. 

Picture by Jas

Emily's working at the event too ^^. The 'High Tea Party' at the Park Hyatt, prices start from $200 per couple. Found out there was a $150 sale later on. We might go next year. That's right, you can't go alone - unless you want to sit at a table of strangers. 

20 girls signed up, 6 turned up. Expected? Yes. But not the the organizer. Story of why we did the work of 3 people with the speed of 1. We were split up and did different things, so other than setting up showbags/drinks at each table I don't know what the others did. 

My first task was to set up the banners. Like those roller style blinds don't let go unless you want to get hurt. Didn't help that they were 2m+ tall. Lighting wasn't too good so no decent pictures were taken.

The second task was to set up bottles, cute little pink bottles. We have three tables/surfaces, 12 big (normal sized) bottles and an unlimited amount of small bottles. Today my biggest fear is being locked in the fridge room. 

It was fun. I set them up like bowling pins. Moved the tables to a 45 degree angle. Got compliments from all the adults :) on setting them up. It was just the bottles and the plant (real I can confirm) nailed to the shelf, we didn't get roses or clear stands.

The Ballroom

The third task was the tedious one. Events aren't glamorous if you're working at them, especially when you're at the bottom of the hierarchy  as sometimes you are made to feel. We (I) was shown were the chocolate boxes were kept and told to put one at each seat, left of the setting (I have trouble telling which is right and which is left sometimes :P) and then another in the showbag on the seat.

The task and end result were given but not the middle. So I need to move the boxes and then open then and distribute them. The boxes are heavy, I had spasms in my back. Not a good thing. I was meant to use my nails (what nails? musicians don't have nails, we might scratch the keys on the grand) to open the boxes.

In each box there are 8 small boxes that have 6 choc boxes. Have fun opening them. Meep. Fortunately I figured out the sides of the box was designed to be open easily. The small box that is. One of the waitresses found me a pocket-ish knife to open the big boxes, and a guy showed me where to get a trolley from - when I asked, no he wasn't part of the organizing team. 

The next few hours were spent placing choc boxes at each seat. Did the 1st round by myself, was told to hurry up. Do you see me on my phone?! Meanwhile the other girls ran around distrusting flyers, drinks, bags and other things. It seems they all finished or ran out of products before me.

The Showbags 

One of the organizers wasn't particularly nice to me, the bossy one. She wanted things done her way. Some made sense, others didn't. e.g. There are three sets of stairs to get downstairs, I move the trolley around to be closest to the tables in that area downstairs, 3 stairs 3 areas. She was not cool with that, instead she wanted the trolley at one stairs and then for me to go around all the way to the other side. I don't like her. Was her way faster? Yes, cause people moved faster when she pushed them. More effective and efficient  I don't believe so. Now I don't mean this in a mean way, but one of the girls, she was little (I'm little too) had to carry two boxes that weighed 10kg. While she went to get the boxes I was maneuvering (the trolley) around the tables to get it to storage to help her. Miss Bossy said no, put the trolley back near the stairs. 

My feet are killing me and I'm exhausted - 18h r coma exhausted. Some days I want a career change, this is one of those. Even though I know eventually I'll be planning and coordinating the event and not doing logistics and things on the same labour intensive level as packing showbags.      

Leaving. It was raining.

Definitely want some wedding pictures taken here.

Didn't feel like Indian tonight. 

Afterwards we went shopping. Retail therapy was required after a hard day's afternoon work. Just as we were calling to get a hold on stock it was being checked out. :( Very disappointing. 

Found these amazing notebooks at Sussans for $9. Bought the red. Love the matching pencil case, but lets be realistic. It'll get dirty too easily.

What should I fill it with? I'm thinking all the reasons I love thee. :P 

Found these amazing girrafts. You can't tell in the picture cause of the angle but the middle one is bigger. The small ones are $5 only! I wanted one, but didn't get them as I have enough friends in bed. That and if it was a bunny I would have grabbed a few. :P

Cali Roll & Prawn + Corn from Diane's Sushi. Pre-dinner snack. The later was an odd combo and they used many small prawns instead one of big one. The old man serving me was stingy on the soy sauce and only gave me one. :( 

Couldn't resist and stopped at Southern Cross Station to get that (i) box of chocolates, the one from the event. 6 pieces for $3.80, 64c a piece. But I do love Guylian, that are Lindt are my two favourite brands from the supermarket. Though as a gift, in terms of chocolates, I prefer them from a chocolate shop. 

Where is your favourite chocolate box from? 
More importantly has a guy ever given you chocolates on a date? :P 

OpenID Whitney said... on July 27, 2013 at 11:53 AM  

Hi Charlie, I was just wondering whether this job just a one off type of thing? If so, how did you apply for it/who can apply for it? It sounds like an awesome way to make a little extra cash. Too bad more than half the people didn't turn up though.

Blogger Charlie said... on July 27, 2013 at 11:23 PM  

Hi Whitney, most of the events I work at are annual events. You can find a list of events on the city event's website. It's all about finding them first.

It seems you are under the impression that I get paid to work at events like these :P we get exp points actually.

If you're looking for casual event job I'd recommend becoming a waiter ,contact caterers and companies that provide waiters for big events.

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