Passionflower - Ice Cream Bar @ Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our third food post in a row, somehow we ended up going to three places in one night. Main, Entree & Dessert. 

Dessert! Passionflower has been on my wishlist though I've never been there, as it's pretty much on the other side of the city for me (I'm between Flinders & Southern Cross). 

First thoughts? Like the art. Can we increase the warm lighting? It looks cold in here. Oh and the desserts are $$, on pricing I'd say perhaps try it once of the flavours interest you. On this particular day they were out of: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cookies 'n' cream. Is that normal? To be out of the basic favours?

The Debate

I had the 'Black Pearl', after a long debate between that or the 'As Good as it Gets', I got our waitress to choose for me. The other one had Durian, which was nice, but still too artificial for me. I like my durian ice cream homemade (vanilla ice cream + fresh durian). 

Black Pearl 16.00

I like black sesame ice cream. :) It came with peanuts and those pearls that come with bubble tea - but softer. Chewy, dough, dislike. Jas found it more tolerable  Personally I preferred the black sesame ice cream from Shyun (3.50 single serve tubs).

Banana Waffles 16.00

A rare picture by jas.

Meanwhile jas had banana waffles, which were huge (no not for the $, but the actual serving size itself). He said it was like 'Meet Fresh' but doughier. They were also less warm than preferred. 

Overall a nice experience. Will we be back? Maybe, there was the cookies and cream that I wanted to try. Though considering the price and location I'd say no. Lets just buy a $9 1L tub of Sara Lee or Connoisseur. Though in all honestly we're having lunch nearby next/this week and I'll probably stop by to try some more exotic flavours.

The Urbanspoon crowd says service sucks, though on the night we went it was adequate - and they didn't talk about us. :P Yes that's right I do speak an asian language that isn't chinese and I can hear you. When I go to asian places I expect medicore service, though half the time it does rank up to very friendly e.g. guy at gyoza, guy at wonderbao, bar tender at the hotel and guy at bonbons.

I'm working on a ranking system for levels of service, on a scale. Flurorescent white, which is cold distant and only there for the pay check, to very warm, where I'm coming back with company even if I don't see anything I like on their food menu. There's always vodka. :P

Another thing reviews commented on was the take-away vs eat in. It's much more $$ to eat in. I don't like places that does this e.g. Lindt. Though I wonder of there's an +20% in prices on a Sunday here too. It's ok when they charge you 50c for the take-away container, but not any other time. Here if you order take-away you must leave.       


Would I recommend this place? Yes - but only if you wanted to try a flavour Sara Lee & Connoisseur doesn't offer. And get take-away, they do go over to you and tell you you have to pay extra to sit down. I'd like to try coconut & lychee rose.

Would you ever pay $15 for three scoops of ice cream?
What's your favourite flavour?
Thoughts on an ice cream machine?  

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