Things I Didn't Buy @ Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last week I think I went shopping three times, once at Chadstone and then twice after work on Friday & Saturday. The good news is that I didn't buy everything I liked :P though I do like Corky Saint Clair's delicate silver pieces.

In Consumer Behaviour, mr cb asks "Do consumers always know what they want?" My answer: "Only half the time. The other half they only know they want it if they see it. :P" He then said that's the problems with females XD (with apologies to half the class and his wife). 

Monster Threads

I've always wanted a bunch of mushroom cushions/cushion-like deco things. :P
Oh and a forest themed room, perhaps if we have a girl one day.

Damask & Chandeliers. Two Things I Love.

Bunny! That's what Lucy looks like, but with brown eyes.

Typo always has cool stuff. There's a Monopoly themed tax set.

Love these cards. We have a couple framed ready to put on the wall.
See the doll mask ring? First thing I've ever seen at Lovisa from ebay.
Pretty gold glitter shoes... shame I'm not a shoe person.

Colette - Shell Mirror was Pretty but Plastic

Giraffes at Sussans

Cool Notebooks $9
Couldn't resist getting one. It was 50% off sale items.

Random Shop Windows - Forever New, Australia on Collins
Nice patterned sofa I like. Sportsgirl.

Corky Saint Clair

I love crystals. That one's clear quartz.

Bird Cages are quite popular.

Failed attempt to take a picture of the carriages.

Perfect gift for a girl who likes to sail.

Candle holder for your dentist and acron lover.

Ghost S&P&? Shakers

Tank Terrarium      

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