My Kind of Friday - Opera & Dessert @ Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday 23rd August

A long day. It started with a scavenger hunt. We came 2nd last, as we were disadvantaged with 1.5 in our group (other guy was nice, but didn't know the city). Also lost 45mins waiting for Drew to return my bag, with him telling me he was coming, while not moving! One of the items to be collected with some sort of beer in a glass. Others bought shot glasses (I couldn't find any cheap ones) while I bought a champagne flute - made of glass. Making beer fancy :P till I pour too much and it overflow, half the flute was bubbles...

Things we Collected

In the afternoon we went to a bar. There was a quit agreeable boy working there, with an accent, French Canadian. We plan on going back there with Emily & Jas :P Emily says I should take a shot O.o while we still are in an open r'ship (even though we're engaged, long-term) I feel weird about doing it with a stranger. We have to get to know him first. And to do that you'll have to buy a drink - being a bit of an alcoholic that's not a good idea.  

Jas was late, no surprise there. Dinner plans canceled, as we were out of time. 
Went to Peko instead, booked out, we got take-away.


Baked Cheesecake $5-ish a Piece - Would get squished take-away. :(

Honey Chicken Bento 13.00 - with Street Lighting

One of my best night shots.

Tram Cafe - Love fairy lights!

Opera Australia 2014 Launch 

Opera. It's high up on the balcony! It gets less scary I think. Guy to our left munches on a box of Malteasers (that's right - I could hear it was a box), at some point he opens a can of beer! This is the bit where I insist jas leans over and ask if he's got popcorn. Story of why opera shouldn't be for everyone. According to jas we sat in the blogger's area, as everyone around us took pictures and were told a (couple) few times to stop.

Almost held still...

Fed Sq Daffodil Feature - Lighting edit's pretty good.

Still loving these, I got le beau the piano keys for our anniversary.

Another attempt to take a picture of the floating cubes. 

Max Brenner had long lines that went out of the store.
It was crowded and loud. Chocoholics meet, while others chill at bars/clubs.

Sadly I still feel as those their chocolates aren't as good as say Koko, as they're a franchise. That and I was asked to stop taking pictures last time I was here.

I love Kikki K, the perfect place to work in retail.
Other than some kinky underground toy shop. XD

This cake at Melbourne Central near lvl2 escalators always fascinate me.
But that I ask, why was this cake made? Being that big they don't sell out daily.

Shot Tower 

Pancake Parlour, too loud. We forced jas to decided (options provided) and we ended up at Secret Recipe. Guy with the red beanie was great with helping me analyze what to order. :)

I had the 'Chilled Cookies 'n' Cream Cheesecake'. 
Another post coming up on it tomorrow.

How do you like to spend your Friday nights? 

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