Daffodil (Sun)Day 2013 @ Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday 25th August

Today we worked at the Daffodil Day Stall at the shopping center, flowers were $3-6 (price depends on popularity & clearance time left) but were sold for only $1. With our location outside a chain super(ish)market and near the exit, we sold all our flowers. 

We were with G, an in-office cop (well actually he says he just does the paperwork, but I think he's a cop anyway - just lower chances of being shot) who is great at selling stuff. I'm more of a passive seller and ebayer (where I don't really have to interact with people :P). This year we sold a big $30 teddy bear, and I saw ms cards (oddly wearing the exact same thing I saw her wear last time - though I'm certain she's clean). A woman said she liked that we were alive XD, I met a little girl with an amazing rainbow faerie teddy bear (from the teddy bear workshop - build your own).  

Those flowers from the keyring would be amazing as a reversible 
earring/pendent set. Or perhaps a charm bracelet.  

A lady in a nice tapestry inspired dress said she liked my dress :) (the yellow Nanette Lepore one), she turned out to the one who organized the event, we emailed lots last year, though never actually met. She's really nice and tall. She ended up giving me a lift home (3rd time I've gotten in a car with a stranger XD).

Happy Lab! I love their popcorn. And service is always great, somehow the same guy is always working there (very tall, friendly, blond, Scandinavian looking guy). Customer service from head office however isn't so great. Wished they had a store in the city. Checked out the instagram offer ($5 noddle box, candy wall selection), says European candy, though as I've seen the same candy really cheap at the $2 Shop, and Kmart I'm not quite convinced that it's not the same thing. 

A long day. Found out that shop that stocks those rare resealable bags I used for cookies and other 'foods as gifts' bags no longer stock them! Bought a custard tart, manager not happy about me taking pictures - note that I bought the tart. I prefer the local F&P Bakery, they're nice and still find it hilarious that it's ran by a couple (though could be a brother & sister) named John & Mary. :P 

Custard Tart

It was alright, not particularly recommended though there was nothing wrong with it. It was just average though. Tasted pre-packaged, mass produced, almost like cakes at Coles.

I like the concept of individual/mini birthday cakes, but not mud cakes.
It's always hard making cake for one, as le beau is always away during the week. 

Strawberries on Sale. $1.25 a box.

Initially I wasn't going to buy daffodils as I already had a fresh bunch of yellow roses from le beau (I love random gifts :) but couldn't resist and bought four bunches. Never got a picture of the lovely yellow floral arrangement as someone - mother - bought it to the office. Why can't we have nice things?! 

I'm trained not to like flowers, unnecessary luxuries and a waste of money she says. I was also trained to have certain attitudes that now have me us in couple's counselling (le beau's there to be supportive). 

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