Leongrass Thai & Helados Gelato @ Thursday, September 12, 2013

After Sleeping Beauty we went to dinner, Thai at Lemongrass, on the way there every restaurant had a person out front inducing potential customers to dine there. One guy was very intense, he grabbed my arms when I tried to keep walking. He offered 20% discount and complimentary garlic bread. Offer declined.

How not to get laid: fish sauce + durian. 

Novelty Door
Piece of paper says door that way >
There is no corresponding door inside either.

Lemongrass had no one out front, and the only people dinning there was one large group. The place is rated as $$$ with dishes starting from $25. Disappointed they didn't offer jugs of water (not doing this encourages you to buy drinks) but rather they did offer glasses at the bar. 

We had beef & chicken skewers which was nice, $2.80 each and you had to buy 4 min. Most of the entrees were like that. Why not just say $12 for skewers? They very very nice, especially the chicken. 

Pulut 7.00

I didn't see any mains I liked so I had another entree, rice in banana leaf. It was hot! As in spicy, I drank a jug of water almost on my own throughout that. What did jas think of the rice thing? Fish sauce *dies* 

Jas had the massaman 27.00 with rice 2.50

I do like the red rooms. More for group bookings.

The place itself was nice, might be nice for a date, though perhaps it costs too much for a date. I don't believe price = quality, as all my favourite places are cheap (mains <$15) and great. $$$ thai isn't my thing. Pretty sure there are other nice thai places around that don't cost this much, and have better lighting. 

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Dessert was much much better. Jas suggested an ice creamy next to 7 Eleven, it was big and there was no one there... I picked Helados Jauja, a place we've been past but never gone to. It looks small from the street but actually has seating indoors and bigger than it looks. That place is always popular, and for a reason.

The problem with people is that they get in my way e.g. guy on the phone here.

So many flavours, what to choose... I've decided I want to try new things and nothing Sara Lee/Connoisseur makes. After much analysis and sampling (staff were great btw, very friendly) I went for the Durian and White Choc & Raspberry. 

Really liked the later while I LOVE the Durian, they use fresh (I think) durians from Malaysia, not artificial durian that feels foul (though this one still smelt that way to jas).

Jas had the rosewater, he loved it. I love roses but not eating them... It's great that the cups & cones are the same quantity - unlike at Yarra Glen (huge cone, average cup).

While we were there we were told about two competitions, one being guess the mystery flavour. You go in a draw with other correct answers. I guessed the flavour right just on sight :P and was certain on taste. Jas agrees on my guess. They have very unique flavours here like Dulce de leche and durian, but they also have vanilla and cookies 'n' cream.  

We highly recommended this place. While $8-ish for two scoops is $$ it's amazing and great as a treat. Shame we don't work anywhere near Carlton. I'd love to have this place in the city. 

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Where's your favourite gelato place?

By the way this is the first time I've ever bought a cone. I haven't been to an ice creamy (other than the one in Yarra Glen) since I was back home in America before 2008. In the city we always end up going to frozen yoghurt for dessert, not sure where all the ice cream places are.

Came across this offer the sound interesting. "Date with Helados Jauja! For the $50 ticket price, your date includes a sample of all 24 flavours, a triple scoop ice cream cone and a regular pack of your choice of flavours to take home". Perhaps we'll do that for my birthday and go to a bunch of places rather than have a $$$ dinner at a nice resturant.   

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