Thursday 5th Sept

Oh wow that voice... I was woken up by a phone interview. Not fully alert I didn't catch his name... but he was from Macquarie, psych dept. His voice was warm, friendly and caring. Much like le beau's, though le beau's younger and I saw him before I heard his voice. 

Mail arrived before I left, but before the AU Post mailman arrived. 
Bronzer, blush and nail polish. :) I don't actually use the first two.
Google has never heard of 'Colour Therapy' and neither have I. 

Train was cancelled O.O the one I was going to get on, so we were 15 minutes behind, but it was ok. What was not ok was that I missed this morning's activities. Very disappointed in myself, missing a great annual event. 

Melbourne Central had their bi-annual Shopping Festival tonight. 

We were the first ones to arrive for a cupcake deco contest. Lily made a beautiful flower garden with blue/pink/purple. She also licked the frosting before I took a picture of it... I didn't end up making one as I was more interested in getting my brows done at the time. But Emma made a cool pumpkin one (that I couldn't tell was a pumpkin cause the colour) - and she didn't lick it before I got a picture :P. She let me have half of hers. :)

Purple Pumpkin

One more picture.

Vanilla cupcake base. Amazingly soft as always, but it wasn't very sweet (the one I made last time had too much frosting, and the one Emma made didn't have enough). It was once again confirmed fondant/sugar paste is for decorating only and if ever consumed it should be consumed in small doses.

Other cupcakes made. Lots of lighting editing happened.

I found a new store I love, unfortunately it's crazy expensive.
Hoping they have amazing xmas sales.

After the cupcake workshop (which went for 15 mins) we went to the 'Bite Size Treasure Hunt' 4 food samples at 4 different places. ChaTime denied the sample but offered 20% off. Later on we came back and they did do samples, but were out by then. Emma left us to go to work. :( 

Our 2nd location was Mad Mex, we both really liked the churro(s). 

3rd, Pancake Parlour. Sample of their new lemon curd & raspberry limited ed. pancake. It was so cute! Wish they had small pancakes. That new pancake (at normal size) is $18. That's too much to spend on dessert (not at a dessert bar). Lemon Berry Pancakes $18. A layer of tart lemon custard with raspberry & rhubarb atop two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, topped with vanilla ice cream and lime zest. 

And our last stop was 'Wood & Chimney' a small piece of pizza and calamari. 
We only tried the later as we're not into pizza.

We stopped by Lush for Lily to get some bath stuff.
I have heaps at home still, it's hard to make time to take a bath.
We'd need to be home alone and plan an afternoon for it. 

Typo had 30%. Love this stamp set, though it's too $$ at $17 on sale.
They sell $4-ish mason jars! But it didn't come in clear.

Cool/pretty things we saw. Shame I can't find a use for that golden apple.

Found the almost perfect blank spiral book for a project, and bought a 'Keep Calm' card I'll frame, perfect for my keep calm collection above my desk. I love Tiffany blue. With the 30% off I got both for $14.

T2 had 10% Off

Next we got Demalogica samples, I got fake lashes from Mecca while Lily had her nails done (she's an art teacher, she can. while I'm restricted to wear suits with heels & stockings, and a bk/w theme).

The last place we went to was 'The Body Shop'. Free make-up application. I had dramatic eyes done, and the lady who did it, Ingrid, was amazing and really nice. She also had an extensive knowledge of make-up through the eras and used to be a hair dresser.

Baked to Last Eye Colour aka Eye Shadow - 02 Moonstone - $30

There was a lucky draw (same concept as the cupcake (link) with eyeshadow but much easier to win - I assume). The girls before us didn't get it, but asked for another shot and won one. If it has a silver star on it you get to keep it. Both Lily & I got one each :) I got moonstone while she got the purple, amethyst.

I'd like to send Hector a postcard at the office, but would that be weird? 

Completely forgot about this, but after we were done shopping we had dinner at Snag Stand, they had all their hotdogs for $5 today as part of the shopping festival. 

We both had the Vegetarian Toulouse, it was interesting, I didn't like it, but Lily did.

Amazing editing job, considering it was taken at the station. 

We had a great evening (though I would say the ballet yesterday was better cause that was magical), and got lots of freebies. Also most stores had good sales e.g. Forever New 25% off, but we didn't buy much, other than my Typo stuff and Lily's bath bombs.

Freebies & Samples
Pink glitter nail filer was from the Mecca Bag 

Did you go to Melbourne Central's Shopping Festival? 
Did you do the morning treasure hunt?  

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