Networking over Coffee @ Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday 6th Sept

Running on time, we didn't have time to have b'fast (epic fail where I dropped my lunchbox). Cranberry & Turkey Sub. I like it. Though I do prefer the rolls at Snag Stand. 


6pm exhausted. 9am bus, 10am expo. Talks. Networking, was shy/didn't know what to say so I only went to 5 stalls. One was an amazing wedding style/planning company. Volunteer ops. Sofitel (french elegance) and Crown are offering inters, but they only take a couple people. 

The Sofitel lady was super enthusiastic and passionate, like she's always switched on (this included when she was sitting down and watching other speakers). I can do that, but I fizz out of energy pretty quick. Saw mr events, though he disappeared by the time I got to the other side of the lobby to say hi. 

Lots of vendors had fish bowls of candy :P one even had cute mini macaroons. Unfortunately no pictures were taken as it was an expo where we had to participate and wear name tags. That and only that one wedding planner stall was pretty. 

After the expo we met up for discussions at Gloria Jeans. I had the new hot chocolate. New as I haven't been to GJ since I went with Ian before he died last year. It's cheaper than expected, though maybe it's just that the city is $$$. 


It's different that here you have to vote, something I've never done before. Not really interested in politics... unlike some fb friends who are really into the greens.  

Today we saw the 'Music Man' (1962) which I quite like, though I prefer the more recent 2003 version with Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth. Love 'The Buffalo Bills'. Shirley Jones is so pretty...

In the 2003 version in the introduction to the town 'Iowa Stubborn' you can see the farmer and his wife daughter, the one with the pitchfork in front of the barn (American Gothic). But in the film/musical it's 1912 and the painting isn't created till 1930, but it's meant to reflect the 19th century (1800-1900) American life.  


We went for yum cha at Tai Pan for a belated Father's Day lunch. It was nice (the food). Level of enjoyment during family excursions are questionable though. Though we only had one occasion of grumbling through the 1.5hrs.      

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