City Adventures & Too Much Food @ Thursday, December 19, 2013


Dead tired. We missed the bus for work... Well Andy was covering for me. At work he recruited a potential person for the church *le sigh* mother would be proud. I don't want anything to do with them, I'm not against it, I'm just not into her version of it. 

Had a market research thing on today, which turned out to be more of a research thing on consumer's POV on the arts/cultural events in Melbourne, and the website design for a certain company that we really like. Le beau has said we can't hire them for our wedding though, as it's not realistic. Only celebs like the Kardashians can hire them. Had to spell check that name. :P 

Was going to go to a night market event but we felt sick and went home. On the way we bought a card and tea bag pencil cases at Typo, and a NZ Natural Toffee Milkshake. Lovely but being a true milkshake was more milky than ice creamy - which is a good thing, we had too much last Saturday.

Train home, guy next to me is reading a book on psychopaths in suits (at the office), I'm checking out colour palette aka a book of paint chips. Both  caught looking at each other's book! Should I have given him my number and potentially do networking/friends? I'm curious to who the psychopath at work is...

Painted on my lips today. A new lipstick I received in a competition, it says it lastes for 24hrs. It has been 12hrs so far and we're good though I feel my lips are a bit dry. When I applied it it felt like I was painting them as I've never used a lipstick, or even one that lastes this long before. Within the last 12hrs I had lunch, dinner (noodle soup) and lors of drinks in between. And there was nothing on the rim of the glass!

My notebook is dying. They should have said it's for novelty purposes and must stay on  your desk only and not in your bag. And so we're looking for a new diary, leather but nothing too expensive as it's only good for a year, and I don't like moleskin, why is it even called that?

Haven't been to Kmart since they reduced their Barbie isle (now a corner). Always wanted a plasma ball, though it's too much of a novelty item, plus BIL lets me play with his when I'm at their place. Big rubber/eraser, cheaper than the one at that French neon modern colourful store. Fudge! I'm told this is like Darrell Lea but made in the UK.

My plans for my birthday picnic. We shall all wear white. I will be upset if my outfit does not arrive in time, and might change the theme. Fortunately the food will not be going with the theme. So far we've bought the lanterns, ordered some birdcages and bought some signs. Spent $25. As it's my first solo event I'm recording everything, including the cost of everything. RSVPs by midnight (16th Dec), so far we have 3 attending including me.

Do you have a wreath on your door? Back home we did.

This one's pretty amazing, made with Cadbury Favourites. Someone out there made this, wrapping and tying on each chocolate individually... Some we do in events. Fortunately it's not a factory amount we're creating.

Eight bottles of nail polish arrived in the mail. Four are glitters, adding them to the collection.

The Collection - Swatch by Cosmetic Cupcake

Summer Colours. Sand Textured.

We have dupes! Didn't think they were the same, but swatches confirmed it.

Should I give one away? But then I won't have a complete set/collection... Though I have no one to give it to. :P As Lily & I already share our nail polishes. She can borrow mine and I can borrow hers, must ask first though. And no painting the wall with it.


Dentist. Lots of waiting. They sent me to the wrong department. Pain check. That or the referral was so long ago it was no longer relevant. The dentist was very young, he was nice. Gentle? Nope, but he wasn't like the usual either. Made a booking for a mouth guard in two months. He said he had always liked going to the dentist O.O while my experiences (story of why I don't like asian dentists) were well not what white people normally experience, and sounded like something in a dungeon. Also the reason why when I need any services I never ask mother. Mother does always know best, but she sure know what's the cheapest.

I love this shop. But will not shop here. Prices start from $1,000 for couture.

It's for the CEO who has a little girl inside her who wants to be a ballerina.

Did some shopping, a combo of before and after the dentist. Shower stuff from L'Occitane, for le beau to take on his trip. Citrus, he'll like this. Hand cream for me, because I have very dry skin. C&E doesn't do the job, but the Neutrogena Norwegian & L'Occitane work well. Pens from Kikki K. 

It's a modern neon/bright strange tree at Melbourne Central.

Met with Emily for gift exchange and dinner (what she wanted) or snacks (me). Emily does not like to snack, she likes meals. We stopped by WonderBao for the custard. It was hard to get to, so here's some pictures on how to get there. Had the custard, it wasn't smooth and wonderful. :( I love the BaoNow one but they closed down. :(

Next was discussions on where to go, she did not want to go the distance. Take-away from Huxtaburger? We ended up at Mamasita, I've always wanted to go there. 

Our gift exchange value was $10. I got her a giftset from L'Occitane, 60% she'd like it (it was peony, she's a citrus person) she says 80%. Got her a cute pencil case, shower gel, body lotion and a hand cream worth $12 alone. I love being good as being a bargain hunter. Comes with being American I guess. :P

I was going to wait till Christmas but I'm re-wrapping everything to have it all match, and this was big and hard to wrap. A black & white scrapbook kit, that's cool I've always wanted to create a scrapbook though it's an expensive hobby (still not as $$$ as photography). Might use this for our Edwardian Picnic. 

Mail! Eight bottles of nail polish that I didn't buy. :) The green looks almost exactly like the Julie G Frosted Gum Drop one. Whoops that part already went under Thursday...


Work, wrapped some stuff. Only one other person turned up so we were quite busy. Wrapped a basketball. Best present was xmas pudding chocolates. We're out of that paper I love, it's $60 for 44m, if we did Christmas I'd buy it. I like everything to match. Already got everything wrapped this year. Should I still buy it?

Watery coffee. Starts from $3.70. Everything else costs extra like marshmellows, soy, decaf. Only the cappacino and latte are $3.70. Can barely read the menu, marketing strat, menu font. Huge numbers in front, tiny cents part, so on glace it looks like $4 but it turns out to be $4.90 if you squint.

I have a red 'Miss Claus' top. When I wear it the colour blends, but not in the wash... A white shirt died. I'd be lucky if it was pink, but no it's only pink on sweat zones. Eek! Discussions on best/worst secret santas. 

Started reading a new book, aristocrat French living. Rule No. 1 - No snacking! Being an American we love our snacks. 

MSO Concert, Handel's Messiah. It was very good! Love the 'Hallelujah Chorus'. Most people got up for that one, one of the four opera singers, mr half giant sung along too. He was the most passinate of them. Love Handel's Water Music.

Also above is the reason why I don't take night/low lighting shots. Snack because we didn't have time for dinner before the concert, banana custard doughnut. Unwrapped something jas thought was mine, all wrapped up nicely it turned out to be shackles. Handcuffs but dirty, old and more bdsm with a high chance of STDS. Possibly stolen goods from the Old Melbourne Jail, looks Ned Kelly-esque.

Afterwards we went for a wander, all the places on my list don't do 10pm dinner. Ended up at Panned Pizza, it was nice. Not something we'd have again. But they are open till 5am. Lots of Santa's out tonight, bad santa party at some club. 

Gyro Pizza $18 - Panned Pizza

Lamb Gyro, Green Capsicum, Onion, Mushroom, Tzatziki, Herbs & Garlic. Nice but the lamb was a bit dry and we'd prefer the sauce spread out rather than sitting in small dollops. I prefer Crust, but if we were going to go they'd be closed by the time we got there.  

Le beau loves that I'm not into clubbing and stuff people my age like. I'm more like 30-something, don't belief in YOLO, if you have swag you're too young for me. Never been to a concert with a mosh pit (place where people get killed, think gladiators but w/o the intention to kill).      

Blogger Kacie said... on December 19, 2013 at 2:54 PM  

What is the brand of the lipstick? I've never been to a mosh-pit concert either but I did go to the Taylor Swift one last week and THAT is where people get killed. All those young girls.

Blogger Charlie said... on December 20, 2013 at 12:22 AM  

Maybelline Superstay 24hr Lipstick. Safeway/Coles had 50% off that brand the other week. If you're lucky it might come around again.

That must have been amazing! Taylor Swift, I heard about all the very enthusiastic fans. :P

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