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Bing Boy at Melbourne Central is near the station, next to Hungry Jacks. Which is on the same level as Coles and McD, for you strange people who don't take the train. :P If you can't find it just ask information and they'll point you in the right direction (down the escalators twice).

Like Subway they have different stations. Base + egg. Flip + egg no.2.
Filling, sauce and warp. It goes right to left. But you can't design your own Bing.

Amazingly they can lift the crepe and it doesn't crumple over on itself or anything.
They transfer it to different stations, side 1, side 2, filling and wrap.
It must be scary to work here! All those people watching you...

What's a Bing?
Based on Chinese Crepes (Jian Bing). A thin wheat omelette wrap, with egg, green onions, coriander, sesame seeds & crispy wonton pieces, made hot and fresh, with 8 choices of filling. The 8 fillings are pork, chicken, pork, duck!, beef, prawn, salmon and vegetarian. No tofu yet.

On this occasion and the last we had the peking duck. I love duck.
They're very hot so try not to burn yourself! Size compassion with a theatre prop.

I really like Bings, not many places offer duck. It's perfect for my duck cravings, and much more practical then buying a whole peking duck. As I have never had or heard of Chinese Crepes before I'd describe it as a eggy dough crepe (or pancake for the rare few of you who aren't into good food).

On the other side I don't like that all the duck is on one side and not all mixed up in there with the other fillings, as I have a small mouth and don't stick the whole thing in at once, unlike my companion XD.  There's only one issue though, the drip-age, the hoisin sauce will gather at the bottom so be careful. Also towards the end there's too much dough. And while the paper has those dots that say 'tear here' it's hard to do that. Tissues will stick to the bing (as I discovered) so they've used wax paper. I'd highly recommend using foil like MadMex burritos though, easier to tear and still it doesn't stick.

Andy had the BBQ Pork and quite liked it, though he says it's a snack and not a meal. Though with my small appetite it was a meal. Jas didn't say anything other than the paper was challenging to tear on the lines, as a future procrastinating v-blogger he keeps his thoughts for the camera, though it's because it's his nature rather than being not into sharing thoughts. :P 

Great location, near the station, this place is always popular around lunch. I'd definitely recommend it, though do check out the filling so you know there's something you'd like. Hopefully in the future they'll do dessert bings too! They're relatively new (Andy asked and the guy said they've been around for 6mths) so there aren't many stores but I do hope they'll have a store at Chadstone and other places in the city too.  

Looking forwards to trying the beef, prawn and salmon.

Have you tried Bing Boy?

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