Beethoven's 5th @ Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday 22nd March

I've never heard Beethoven's 5th live before, so it was very good. Even though we got the highest seats possible on the balcony which is like 5 levels up from ground level. Clung to le beau's arm like a koala even when I got bored and took a nap.

Pretty Lights.

Got a close up of the hanging things, it's studded with rhinestones! So pretty!

View from the Bridge

Afterwards we went exploring, got some sunscreen samples and had sushi as a pre-dinner healthy snack. We weren't hanging out tonight as he as going out to dinner with friends and then to the comedy show, that I'd watch at home with subtitles.

On Swanston there was a French singing skeleton, a bride & groom (one day that'll be us! except le beau offered to hold the dress, and it would be a weekday), milk bottles at Typo.

Balloons I Love & Waffles I have yet to try.

Crossways we'll give another try soon. That rainbow statement necklace looks inspiring.
Late snack, I wanted hot chips but we decided to go for sushi instead. 

Home. Made scones, though I manhandled them so they turned out doughy instead of fluffy. First time this has happened though I've made it a couple times before. Added chocolate chips so that wasted :( this is why I rarely cook/bake chocolate. No pictures were taken.


Does that house look familiar?

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