Bouncing Churros @ Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monday 17th April 

Love this picture, we should get a custom like it. Colours but not pose.

Mail came early, from Dermalogica. Bought it for the GWP. :P

Also came with samples, and shipping was free!

We got the report in on time! Even though it was missing recommendations because I have no idea what we're recommending. Just wrote about the organization and my role. No cards today as we had work due. 

Got some pictures for our 4th blog anniversary post, used the candles that you can't blow out, since it didn't work last time, we freaked out a (lot) little. Then found the normal candles, the other ones were partly sparklers, while they look cool I think it's not safe. 

Dancing, I really need to glide rather than hop. Watched blue eyed, brown eyed again, but the UK version and we have a discussion on why it didn't affect me at all, where everyone else got really upset.


Two hours late, but we still made it to group discussion! Spent the next 4hrs getting distracted on CSR, slave child labour and palm oil. The task was to read two pages of notes and draw a mindmap, time allocated: 20 minutes. 

Late to career's meeting as we got the time wrong, 3pm today 3.30 tomorrow - but it was the other way around. Career's woman was very honest which was nice, it also means we're redoing the entire resume. 

Snacking at San Churro, the guy does not know too much English - is the hot chocolate light or thick? Cause there's one that's more like custard. We had the creme brulee which was nice. And the glazed ones but they were odd, normally glazed like Krispy Kreme these ones were slightly damp. 

Back to the library to start the journals (planned them before) 300 words is not enough! I need more words. How can you summaries a class where you felt differently to everyone else because you lack empathy for humans?


We were ready to go, just in time. Look left and there it was on my shoulder! *Cue heart attack* Took it of fast but carefully not avoid getting it on me. Almost poked it with a really long pencil. Can't tell if it's DOA!

And that was why I was late today. 

In class we had ms events again :). We learned how to use a 3D program where you can design an event, as in it starts with a 3D view, 3 axis, ground and sky. You can move around and create shapes. Add depth. I created my name in blocks on the ground, and a churchy looking house. 

You know that one kid who asks hard Qs? That's me :P you select and drag the shapes up to make them 3D but it doesn't work with things with curves. So how do I make a giant ice cream cone? Ms events started with a cylinder and altered the base point, and we're still working on the semi-sphere. We have a circle but no spheres at all. 

Dinner - They're out of BBQ Chicken so I got the Onion & Chicken instead, it was good but not as good as the BBQ. We've decided to buy Wednesday dinners as then I can go from one location to the next and not go home (not on the way).

Dancing, we're working on less hopping more gliding.

Regret of the Day - Not getting up earlier to hit the shops at 9am, Chadstone's VIP Day is always inconveniently on a Wednesday. Also not checking my email as we had a 9.30pm show that night!


Epic fail, stayed up till 5am to finish all the work. Ended up missing out on life, macarons and class. I like Thursday classes. Was passively invited to an event as a blogger, Bounce Inc.! which was fun. Though I'm still upset that I missed out on a winter menu preview night for a chocolate cafe (there were showbags). 


Made it to class on time, presentation. Women notice everything like when you're reading your notes. Lots of work to do so we didn't go out tonight, quick dinner on the way to the city. There was a piece of pork in it! That's slightly put me off eating here again. 

OMG I got an interview! For that job I applied for a couple weeks ago, didn't think I got to the next stage as they said they would only reply to those who got to the next stage, by the end of that week. If I get it I'll be working Fri-Sun and getting lots of experience. :) But that also means I'll have to cancel my other events (which is ok, because they'll have time to find someone else of Andy could always do it). And we'll still see le beau, just at night and we'll probably go out less but that's ok, as Thursdays are the event nights and they don't end that late taken into consideration that people work the next day.

Won these tickets, but unfortunately had a clash with class.

Subeta's Masquerade Ball is on!

Lucy (Bunny) in the morning. 

Eul & Shanelle are quite interesting.  

Can we go to an $85 high tea? Le beau prefers to spend the $$ at B&P rather than go to the event. But going to the event feel more special, a marketing thing, calling it a VIP event when anyone could go. Though the consumer is indeed a VIP to every business.

One of our favourite song to be played at our wedding.

Typo Sale! Things I like but did not buy, as I didn't need it.

Love this Ambiance.

Once Upon A Time is Back!

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