Crayon Melts on Canvas Art @ Sunday, March 09, 2014

About two weeks ago - Arts & Craft with Lily, crayon melting on a canvas, she's doing this with the kids next week. You PVA/mod podge glue crayon (w/o the wrapping) to a canvas, wait for it to dry (best overnight), add a shape (go for simple) with masking tape (contact paper doesn't work, it peels off). Leave it in the Australian Sun (for those where it's cold wait till summer or use a hairdryer with lots of nwsp). Also have a sheet of plastic under it, so it doesn't touch the ground, and collects the crayon that went over the edge.

This is the one I made, the thing in the middle is suppose to be a heart but the contact paper peeled of in the heat. Will draw on a heart and glitterize it! Looks like something for gay pride :P. I love the blues and purples, shame there isn't a custom pack of crayons.

With glitter, also refer to the first picture. *scroll*

Filled up the white space.

Anyone going to try this at home?

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