Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio @ Monday, March 10, 2014

Last week's adventure! While B&P have been open for ages we've never been there as it's not in the city, so we can't really just pop by. Our first experience was their dark chocolate raspberry ice cream (on a stick) which was amazing! That was at the 'Taste of Melbourne' event last year. 

Easter Bunny! Why doesn't one of them have a heart?
I do love white chocolate, these ones are $28!

A twist on the classic egg within a egg. I love the white within milk within dark. One year we had this raffle and classes could enter, and our social studies (I think that was the subject, it was the one with the deserted island where you had to create laws/rules - though I went solo :P) won! So the past next couple weeks we passed chocolate around in class. Best memory of Easter - other than annual Easter egg hunts on ZOMG!  

All of this is edible, even the chocolate dust/dirt.

A look into the kitchen.

Someone ordered a 30th Birthday Cake, this one has an edible cake + cake pops $145.

Made of marshmallows!

 Milk, White & Dark Fruit Lollipop $5.50

Fried Egg Lollipop $5.50

According to the online store the penguin has a fried egg on its head... 

I do like bunnies. 

B&P'S Famous Gold Bullion Bars $9

Dark Belgian chocolate shell, filled with salted caramel, finished with a decadent gold lustre. 
We're getting this next time it's not hot when we're there!

Gift Sets $45

We love terrariums!

Cake pops are lovely but are $3 a pop.

Salted Caramel 300g $14 - Le beau love this.
Ice Cream $8 - The dark choc pink crumbs is great!
Chocolate Bars are 100g and $12 - I like this one.
Ice Cream, not sure how much these ones are.

I'm getting this one...

... or this one. Can't decide...

All these desserts are $9, this one looks amazing. 

Think we had this last time, not a ginger fan, but I like it.

Smoked White Chocolate Slice

Cake around $50-ish. 

Love the way this looks.

Meringue Clouds! $5. Dried Strawberry & Passionfruit

This is made of all things edible, bubblegum-ish balls is white chocolate.
If only they sold a mini set of the lego.

Jas had the smoked white chocolate, which he really liked. 

I had the raspberry champagne which was really nice but nothing I'd have again.

The meringue! Last one I had at another place was dry, this one was fluffy like marshmellow on the inside and had a refreshing tangy taste that was quite intense. This would be perfect with a glass of homemade lemonade. Looks like we're getting this again for afternoon tea. Should note that this is huge and to me is designed for two people.  

It's on the same side as Soda Rock, opposite the movies. 

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Have you been to B&P Sweet Studio? 
What have you tried? Any recommendations?

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