Saving on Weddings - The Cake @ Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Costco sheet cakes, great for budget/realistic weddings. Have a cake to cut (top layer real, the rest fondant decorated foam blocks) for photos and stuff. Since the cake is cut in the kitchen guests won't know they're not getting a piece of (the cake). If you're going for a basic choc/vanilla cake this is a great idea, each cake serves 48 (5cm x 5cm servings) and it's only $27, $1.20 a serving! (That's cheap, normally it's around $5.)

But the cons are that you probably can't do tastings, other than their vanilla/choc topping (sponge unkown) and if your cake isn't a basic flavour, namely vanilla/choc it won't match/be the same. But if you're on a budget you'll survive, only the wedding party will end up eating the real cake. That and people may remember the cake design, but most won't remember how the cake tasted, unless it was crap (dry, too sweet/dense) or one of the most amazing cakes they've ever had.

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