Monday 3rd March

Not sure what we did this morning. But we did return some calls/emails. 

Made a 3D card today, it was pretty cool, love to make balloons that pop out of a box. 

Ate all my food (the rule is that you must eat what you bought with you before you buy anything). Oak Vanilla Malt, this is my favourite flavoured milk. Dancing, the tango continues. 

People calling to ask how much books I'm selling are when they're clearly stated on the ad... I hate people who don't read. This one hangs up when she hears the price, sounds middle eastern-ish.

11 French Travel Tips for Visiting America

3. Americans eat and drink anything and at any time of the day: in the street, in a meeting at work, in the car, on the subway, in the elevator, the movies ...

8. Everything is so damn inspiring! And that's the way it should be unless you're an electron. ;)


Andy decided to go to work instead of dropping me off at the station so we had to drive to Glenferrie and I still completely missed my morning class! But I did get a caramel cupcake.

City, tried some sunscreen by Shiseido, I like it. 100ml $52, is that too expensive? Had a bad reaction to Sunsense Sensitive Matte, goes on purple and it goes everywhere like liquid foundation. Got it all over my bag and clothes. Also feels horrible. Definitely not a 2nd skin.

Should I keep experimenting, buying up to $50 worth of different brands, buy the 40ml $36 Clinque (that's tinted and I've used before, it was good), or the $52 Shiseido one?

Next we met up with Emma for lunch, free "B" which is meat/tofu + vermicelli (noodles) + grated carrots/lettuce/cucumber. I like it! Though would love it with Spring Rolls. Lunch was provided by Roll'd at RMIT.

Afterwards we went for cupcakes (also free), and we both had the 'Lemon Meringue' which was good. The meringue on top is hard and not soft on the inside like a marshmallow which was disappointing. Also would have loved rainbow sprinkles on top.

Stopped by Mimco, where Emma bought a pink mini purse. Not sure what I'm getting with my $50 giftcard yet, as the collar necklace I wanted was only at a location far far away, where most likely they don't accept giftcards.

This would be amazing - if it was actually 3D rather than just a print.   

We thought it would be faster to train/tram to work, we were wrong... it was closer to walk from Flinders. But in taking the long way around and walking a lot we got a free ice tea, they were giving out at Southern Cross, and it was the last few. 

For work this and next week we're greeting people at the 'Immersery'. All you need to know is that the bar is downstairs. :P Three levels, top with smoke (gas), middle rain garden (with no water feature) food (solid, mainly dumplings) and the waterfront bar (liquid).

It's fine dinning which is tiny bite sizes on huge heavy dishes at high prices. A snack, not a meal. 4 dumplings for $12, but they're not your average ones, one has wallaby tail and they're all well fine dining style. We also have ice cream, small serves in single serve tubs (think 7 Eleven single serve).

Back to the apartment, found the shower! It's in the basement, you must go in pairs (for safety) oh and yes that is where we used to keep the cadavers. So it's almost like showering at the morgue! I shower nakid with a knife and gun beside me. :P

We had an accident on the train...

There was a dog running around throwing itself at the grass. It was so cute! Looks like this one.

Mail! An eye cream, 3rd in line to be used. And shapewear, bought sz M turns out I want the XXL, but as they don't make that we shall settle on the XL. Apparently its meant to be very tight.


Today we felt/am feeling empty, it started before we left for school. Le beau suggests it's the weather, heat stroke yesterday, winter coats today.

Class was meh, mr events thought I was quiet cause I was mad at him. Nope, he didn't do/say anything. Talked about values in class, work vs free time. Read a Japanese article that was interesting, they say leisure is only for weekends, while us Americans see it as everyday. Especially me - I work weekends, so we do go to events during the week. 

Two trams and a bus didn't come. Mad Ming for dinner at Bing Boy, dislike. The beef had lots of fat and was chewy! Pizza next door is $2 for a side slice (they do rectangular pizzas) and $1.50 for a corner piece - end of day sales. 

Don't like catching peak hour trains from Melb Central - if you want a seat you have to go to Flinders. Didn't drop soil all over anyone today. :P

Dancing, we're trying a new vogue one. Tango's going well.

Unique pattern under dresses & cheap centerpiece ideas.

I'm very determined to have our wedding in a magazine!


On Thursday we went to class, talked about a strange version of Maslow and characteristics of people in helping careers. I like this one, the original, the other just confuses me.

Before that we had a meeting and time to explore the city a little.

Pretty sure now that only one of them is real and two are robots.

Isn't that pretty? Great idea for storing them too.

eos lip balm! These are rare here. And fakes have been circulating.

Flavours available.

Same shop sold glitter pills $1 each.

I prefer DIY much cheaper if you can get the capsules.
Here's a tutorial and video.

Cinnamon Cupcake! One of the best ones I've had!


$10 Customs!

Went to a scary party, where people stood around beer/wine in hand talking to other people. One of the waitresses was really nice (I'm the one on the couch by the window). Stayed for an hour, too loud and awks. 

Back to the natural habitat (the library) we met someone else who left the party early. He's from Q8 and really nice though says has difficulty in life due to his name (insert terrorist name here). Interesting stories about drop bears (big scary man-eating koala) which he swears he has seen lumber(?) across the road King Kong style. He had a dog/pony/cat that looked like one of those dogs that's really a pony in disguise. But it acts like a cat. He believes r'ships are about being together, breaking up/fighting and getting back together again - on repeat, perhaps with different people. Hence he's a loner for life with his games. 

Do you think I can make it to the train in two minutes? Yes! Not a good idea though... went shopping, and bought a present for myself (had a giftcard).


Made it to class! And was that awks person alone cause I sat with the boys from marketing (one of which I have no memory of, how is it that the boys always remember me? O.o). Unfortunately they're doing groups next week and splitting us up. Why can't we be together? The asians who don't speak English are all together and happy that way. Is it mean to say they can struggle together while we thrive?

Careers stuff, I have no plan other than to pass and get an internship. In 10 years I hope... I'll be married! Whoops wrong answer, was meant to be career related. Running a partnership (wedding specialization), married to my job and le beau has left me due to neglect?

Train was bad and so we missed having dinner together but he got us cinnamon cupcakes! Room mate guy made them using applesauce. No pictures cause it was dark. We went to see the Romanian Balanescu Quartet perform a series dedicated to Maria T. "Maria T is a celebration of the immortal genius of Maria Tanase (1913-1963), the diva of Romanian folklore and Eastern Europe’s answer to Edith Piaf." Edith Piaf is amazing, but I've never heard of Maria. They both died in 1963 at 48 and 50 (cancer).  

While le beau thought it was beautiful I thought it was good, though didn't like the visuals that were ghost like at times and going to give me nightmares. I did like the 3rd last piece though. The performance started with a sheep walking it got bigger and then zoomed out to show a flock of sheep marching till it was like a satellite view.   

NGV Fountains at Night

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