MS Melbourne Cycle 2014 @ Sunday, March 02, 2014

Unedited Lighting.

Great view, wrong lens.

23rd Feb. Five am on a beach. It was cold! Shivering in a 80% wool winter coat cold. But at the same time it was nice, so early that there was no one about, perfect for a walk on the beach. People arrived pretty fast and we had around 21/25. 

As everyone arrived they signed-in, received shirts/tags/vests and food/water. Andy worked the radio (ours didn't work, there were no spares, so we shared with the drivers who were really nice). Calls to and forth discussion about working the radio and also I couldn't find the position cards for our course marshals! Someone did find them though fortunately, but she decided to hand them out... Which I wasn't to do - this is important because there's two numbers on the card, one is the position under and the other the order the cards are to be given out it. She mixed it up... and we got a few calls but it was ok. We sent everyone to their positions and the hectic part of the day was over. 

Another issue we had was that we didn't have tags for everyone (tags have a map and contact/help info on them) probably because they signed-up late. Problem solved by giving them the tags of those who didn't turn up (tags have names on them btw).

Part of a huge ship, which Andy thought it was just a mini boat itself.

After everyone was in position we went around a couple times to check if anyone needed more water and stuff. Some people got blackboard to draw/write stuff on and were super enthusiastic with encouraging to the cyclists. I am enthusiastic - I just don't show it. 

One of the girls went to the bathroom so I took her spot for a while. I saw a 4 person bike which I have never seen in real life before (unfortunately I wasn't ready to take the picture and missed it) and two guys on unicycles! The course is 30km/50km, so that was pretty amazing.

Stunning view, looks like something in LA. 

Last patrolling round, and all the cyclists passed through our area (2/6ths of the course) so we picked up everyone, got two group pictures (two rounds with the bus) and were finished by 10am.

Took lots of great pictures of people which was good. I can take pretty good pictures with natural lighting. Andy is proof that a great camera does not equal a great picture - he sucks at taking pictures.

It was very bright when we finished.

Lunch Breakfast 

It was nice by the sea, we should definitely go to the beach sometime. Last time we went was on the day of the St Kilda Festival, b'fast on the beach with le beau. It was great - even though I'm not a morning person. When was the last time you went to the beach? 

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