Sunday Shopping in the City @ Monday, March 03, 2014

After work we went to the city, explored a bit. 

That can't really work can it? Why do people feel the need to recharge their phone out and about?! A laptop I can understand. Also for anyone who has the nerve to leach my laptop battery to charge your phone - I will find you and hurt you. This comment is directed at a certain person in my law class.

Love taking pictures when they say no picture. :P Accidentally took a nap, and got free lunch from Grill'd. Was hoping for a cute mini burger but instead we got their regular filling inside a supermarket bun (think of the basic hot dog bun).

The clock is finally back! 

Priceline, that foundation stick I ordered in the wrong colour could be used as a concealer esp under the eyes, but not for anything else. Discussion on how long things last. Lipstick not more than a year, mascara 3-6mths (only worth using if you use it almost daily). Me? I keep all the stuff till the mixture separates, goes funny or something. Can't bear to throw things out when I've barely used them. 

Stopped at the DFO (I love DFOs, but most of the time it's just junk). A 50c mini tinsel xmas tree (we have the big one too), wrapping paper and mini impractical coin purse - which had my intial on it. Typo also has $3 Scabble mugs and a couple 'D's' left but le beau has lots of mugs. Sadly I really don't need a novety one as we have a all matching white set and some pretty fine china. But if I was a teacher I'd get it. Typo DFO always has good prices.

Lovisa has 3 for $10 on a lot of earrings and headpieces. Most are clip ons and small headbands, like small flowers and cat ears. I like them big and got the last white roses headband, a plain black one (they had heaps of these) and a Blair Wardolf-esque red grosgrain bow headband.

They're $7 each for 3 for $10 these ones. 

Home. "Nap". Too tired to go dancing - with a legit reason, I'd been up since 3.30am.

Do you ever go to DFOs? What's the best deal you've received? 

Blogger Kay HermosaVogue said... on March 3, 2014 at 1:03 PM  

I was at DFO Southbank yesterday! It was a bit 'miss' for me but sometimes I walk away with heaps of goodies!!

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