First Week, Brunch & Dessert @ Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Monday 24th Feb.

Went dancing and started organizing stuff for school. Mr IT was a PI, how cool is that? Though at the same time does that mean I have to always wear gloves and a hairnet/swimming cap, to leave no evidence? Meanwhile Ms Psych, is either not good with computers or docx to doc conversion sucks...

Small b'day present for Jas, I love the tubes it comes in.

Labeling my potions and lotions, after using an expired RHO.


Intended to get up 10am, do some stuff, go to the library and do 3hrs of the online course (1/2), get my face done and have dinner with Ashley.

Well that didn't happen. Scary dreams about morph guys in suits but instead they had bandaged heads like burn victims! The buzzing on the gate woke me up, the mailman arrives with breakfast - literally I received a box of cereal. 

Got organized, took pictures, did all my timetables and downloaded everything. Second round of mail arrived, a dvd (now all I need is a connected dvd player :P) and shirt from the Cancer Council. Workout grey, I shall wear this when playing badminton - in a year and a bit, after surgery and all.

Found a job I'd like via fb. It's Fri-Sun, le beau would object slighting, that we shall only see each other at night. Good location and all. No car required this time. While I have no exp I can reword it and still have a go. How much does it pay? No idea - but it counts as customer experience, a lot of it. And I'm certain it pays more than DisneyWorld ($8 p/h including boarding). Apparently it's not ok to ask, and as it's very hard to find a job I'm told to be happy I have one. For a lot of volunteer jobs you'll still have to have an interview.

Here's another job I like - actually I'd love this one!

First class of the year tomorrow, events with mr events (I've had him before, he's nice). Hoping we'll get miss events again, she's nice too and reminds me of an asian version of mr hoh as they dress similar and have the same hairstyle.


First class, buses arrive slightly after. All about creativity. Mr events takes the tut too. Saw French Chef who has an ingrown toe nail and is being a man about it! Me, I'd be in the ER. Referred him to the dr who refereed him to a surgeon. His dr says it'll happen again 5 times (in his life, not a year)!

Next class was dancing, last class of the month. Hw: list to tribe music, drums, I have no sense of rhythm - at all despite the fact that I minor in music and le beau is a music teacher, we also have a piano. 

Today didn't sound like much but it was a lot - travelling takes 2hrs each way. 

Dinner at Taste Dumplings. Too much dough not enough filling. 
At least it isn't soggy. But they don't do dessert and that's not cool.

Craiglist, selling a new corset. "Buyer" asks for a picture of me in the corset to see how it fits even though we got a model with a huge rack in it. Asked multiple times, even after I said it's not my size! If I was bored I send them a picture of a man "my hubby" in it. :P


Missed the train by 5 seconds! I touched it and it moved! Still made it to class cause the teacher was late (locked out). People skills, something I have a limited amount of... What are values and what influences them? Trust and Roleplaying (no not bdsm-esque :P). Active vs passive listening. Slides are uploaded after class. :( Not cool. The teacher says there's a Lisa Simspon in every class :P. And that you can tell who's in which year, first years write down everything, 2nd stops talking and watches, 3rd doesn't even look  up. XD

MadMex - Bender - Folders - 7D Dried Mango!

IT. Oh wow the teacher is young. I read his profile and thought he's be in his 50s. Must just be highly intelligent. Dressed causually, cool 'Bender' (Futurama) shirt. Looks possitively geeky, and is not an easy marker (he says). Interesting though slightly, unfortunately he wasn't an investigator CSI style or finding DNA. More of an online thing. Gets death threats very often O.O but doesn't carry a tazer and a gun around, says it's the quiet ones you got to look out for. The ones you least expect. 

He's not a very good communicator, nerves and bad jokes - this is why I do not joke. Some people are great at communication like Hector and Mr Events, not Mr IT though, area seems to be just IT. So it looks like x was one who did not fit into the geek type, he's really really smart (if you ask Qs, not a show off) but is almost a people person (only with the boys, he favours them) and popular with the girls (who he ignores, except for me - he runs, fast). 

Won't be doing this class as it has no relevance to me. When am I going to be asked to design a program? Computer programming is not for me.

Two semi-strangers talked to me on the way to the city, teacher I've seen around who I got confused with another one and guy I've met once but have little recognition of. Also saw mr eco/mob tut (the one I like who knows my name) but he was busy so we just said hi.


You know you're late when the mailman arrives before you get out of bed! Only missed one class this week. The class I'm dropping if I get that Fri-Sun job.

Free cupcake from CC Central! Different T&Cs on their fb page vs in stores... One pp per day vs one pp over the promotion period. Pavlov, it was nice I like it! Last day for the summer menu. Forgot to try the coconut/lychee. :(

A vanilla cake with mixed berries baked in the cake, then topped with vanilla frosting with crushed fresh baked meringue, crushed freeze dried strawberries drizzled with mango & passionfruit pulp.

CC does fun workshops but unfortunately they're very expensive.

Movenpick - I had a voucher. :P

Walked to the building and got lots of work done, my resume is more quantity then quality. :( It's hard to get quality, as at most events you're an usher or assistant of the lowest level. Started the cover letter. 

Daiso, they're out of those fold over oven gloves. Bought 7D Dried Mango, I like it and might get it again. Actually I really like it! But I just wished the pack was bigger. :P

Dinner on the way home, beef & mushroom wrap from Burger Edge. Great customer service. It was nice I like it, but not at full price (groupon vou). 

Mail - Latest wins: whitening toothpaste, RipCurl flip flops, and Triumph lingerie set (for Helen, as she has things to fill them up with, unlie me - they don't make my size). :P


An hour late, to be slightly expected... He arrived just as I was leaving (I was going to come back). Instead of using the four steps of assertiveness I rather just make him wait for me. :P I do not like to talk about how I feel, especially twice in one paragraph. Not the same thing but it's like telling someone who picks on you it makes you sad, that turns them on and they keep doing it. 

Lamb, Mint & Rosemary Sausage $15
With 60/60 eggs, avocado, feta, tomato relish, toast 

Brunch at LuxBite, love eggs, and I like this dish which I've had before. Though it's more of a snack than meal. It's essentially a sausage cut into three pieces, two eggs, a piece of toast and some garnishings.

As we're in the city rarely venture out we've never been to B&P Sweet Studio! Everything looked great, there was a focus on chocolate for packaged goods. There was also Mr Potatohead and the Penguin from Toy Story 2. I wanted to get the billion bars, next time. Jas got the smoked white chocolate cake while I got a raspberry champagne, I like it but don't love it. Shall be back for the beetroot.  

This week's event is the $500+ a ticket sleepover at the RSPCA. We did some ushering, went to talks about abuse and second chances (to be adopted) went on tours, had dinner, people went through trash (just cardboard, bubble wrap and clean things) for a scavanger hunt and then there was a movie, Marlee & Me. The organic sausages were amazing! It's a shame that the butcher is very far away in Hawthorn.


Morning with le beau, who helps me with my cover letter. Brunch he makes the perfect poached eggs, which I love. I have yet to buy those perfect beef sausages which are no doubt expensive being organic. Bath time with bubbles before going home to work on that resume (due midnight).

Dance. Argentina Tango to 'el tango de Roxanne' fortunately the instrumental version, I hate the one with vocals.

Home to ebay. Went shopping (not on ebay), and we missed Downton Abbey. I like it but not enough to download it. :P 

Looking up the info for tomorrow they said not to bring water O.o because "it may conflict with the sponsorship contracts in place" but they are providing water. 

Upcoming Events

What are you looking forwards to this week?  

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