Shanghai Street Dumplings @ Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Arriving at 4.15pm on a Saturday they weren't open yet, but we formed a line and soon others joined us. Advantages of being first: you get the only outdoor seats (other table as already filled by a group, and waiting for tables as a group isn't fun from what I've seen).

Located on Little Bourke on the corner of Elizabeth it was only a couple blocks from the apartment, it's next to Pie Face on the left. Outside they advertise as having eftpos but they don't a sign at the counter says cash only. Love that they have the menu on the window - it's like an obligation free quote.

The xiao long bao (XLBs) being their specialty we got that, he had pork/prawn and I had chicken/prawn. Service was quick and friendly.

Pork & Prawn XLB $12

The XLBs arrived in steam baskets which was nice, one on top of the other. Contamination! For all those who don't eat pork at all. While jas's dumplings were random shapes, which he believes is because more than one chef contributed. Mine (below) were perfect! They were all identiical in shape and size, I believe they used an ice cream scooper. Jas disagrees and say they shape them with their hands hence the variation in his ones. His ones look like melted snowmans.  

Chicken & Prawn XLB $11

Another shot of my perfect ones. I love how thin the wrapping is. 

Highly recommend the xiao long baos here, and also come slightly before they open to grab a table. We were quite lucky (that or we came first) and got the table outside and no one was smoking. :) Looking forwards to the day when they ban smoking at cafes/restaurants. 

Lines that go around the corner can't be wrong! 
Oh and the food here is cheap too, unlike HuTong.

What's your favourite place for dumplings?
Have you tried this place or HuTong?

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Blogger Sue @ suelovexx said... on March 28, 2014 at 9:53 PM  

I came here recently too, but having just returned from Shanghai for authentic XLB, I found these mediocore in comparison. Don't like these or HuTong which used to be a favourite of mine. I have become an XLB snob!! Seriously though, the ones in Shanghai will change your life!!

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