Comedy Hour(s) after Work @ Monday, April 07, 2014

Last Saturday (29th March), we're a bit behind so many pictures to edit last week, a week jam packed full of events! After the creativity workshop we ,met le beau for pancakes, as I can never finish them we shared them, and he picked the whipped butter topping. I'm booked for both days and nights this weekend, so we're making the most of every moment.

Paper Art! Cut by a machine though.

One day we shall have fried chicken & bubble cup. Strategy: one person in each line.

Tonight's show is 'Squeaky Clean Comedy 2014' which I very much enjoyed, it's more of a promo for all the comedians. A rapping poet, Mike, ventriloquist (with a cat) and a trio of acrobats in bins were among the most memorable acts oh and Danny. Le beau didn't come with me as he was busy, but Toby and his friend joined me. :) They also invited to go to go drinking afterwards which was nice, as other than le beau & co no one invites me anywhere ever - as I'm the planner.

Oh and the foyer/waiting/ticket area of the comedy had a school theme with black/white board, photo ops + props, and a "tuck shop" where you pay as you like. For the record I did not write lunch as my favourite subject in middle school. :P In middle school I majored in IT, maths, textiles (sewing & arty crafty stuff) and health & nutrition. In my later years it was law and health.


After work we went back to the city, Portland Hotel to see a comedy show. Emily Taylor in Pet

She's so confident! Though they all are. Emily played a variety of characters including a dog that got drool/saliver all over on herself. It was very funny, even though I took a nap (yes another one, I'm falling asleep all over the place lately).  

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