Deliciousness & Ricotta Cannoli @ Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday 16th June

Day two at work, today we collated spreadsheets. Went to the dentist (a lovely American lady from Ohio) to get a night mouthguard-ish thing. Dogs eat these apparently. Spent more time waiting for recepeption than the 10mins with her. 

Was going to QV but got distracted, I had a note that you could find American candy on Franklin, wrong title, it was green tea kitkats. We discovered an asian supermarket! With supermarket meaning cheap, saw a few asian students (Melb Uni close by + student housing) doing their weekly shopping.

They have so much Japanese treats! Mainly drinks including curry flavoured soda, a can of something called "SWEAT" (makes you sweat? workout drink) and red bean drink and others. We picked out a lemon drink from Japan and pear drink of Korea. 

By the end (I made shopping and event :P) I wasn't feeling too great and Japanese & Chinese were merging slowly. Just a note I passionately hate all things chinese (not the lovely people I've worked with though) but I mean the language, the way it sounds - I hate the way mandarin sounds and it gives me headaches. Cantonese is fine though. Also I hate chinese food (except dumplings) the vast of it is cheap and oily, and plain.

Took a few pictures to share with you all, as they don't sell online. Noticed there was a lot of signs telling competitors copy cat is not cool and to get your own stratergy. Not sure what that is but it reminds me of a chinese restaurant sending a spy, an ad for some seasoning sauce.

Things Bought 

The Korean pear soda was alright, it wasn't fizzy which was disappointing. I expected Applitizer but with pear. Tastes just like homemade pear juice, even has the little bits of pear. For a canned drink imported it should have been strained. 

Crunchy Cooked Salmon Roll (Double) $11

Finally got to QV, but we forgot the sparkling water! Instead we bought dinner, sushi! Free from avocado. Salmon + cucumber + nori/seaweed + rice + special ranch coloured sauce. It was delicious! Though at $11 more like a $$ snack. Yes I do realize that's the wrong picture, but I got too excited and ate it before taking a picture...

Short cut through Big W, this $10 skirt looks like something from Portmans. 

Went dancing. Home. Mail. Looks like dog got to the mail (not my Georgie though) and ripped the envelop and ran over it with a bike a few times. Fortunately the contents was fine. People like to open my mail.

Some of the goodies - notice I used the word goodies. :P
These are for inspiration on an on-going project. 


Sadly I would not eat this. Doesn't mean I wouldn't love to make it though. :P

Today was an interesting day that started with a allergic reaction. Mother is a health lecturer with some strange beliefs, one of which is "white people have too much freedom and make up sh*t". So says I'm a attention seeker with my so called allergies which she likes to test out - story of why I eat out a lot. She likes to trick me into eating pork, watermelon (hard to get by me) and especially avocado. If I didn't lock my doors it would be in her character to sneak in and smeer it all over me when I sleep. I am possibly a bit paranoid, just a little. 

I may have thrown a tantrum and demanded to get out of the car (on the freeway) and go home to NOW! We were on the way to a job interview. By the time we got there I has mascara running down my face and dry patches (moisturizer was washed away). Not happy!

Fortunately the rest of the day went better apart of that part where I punched a woman who said "Bring it on, I dare you." The good news is that it had nothing to do with work or customer service. She was the one who opened my mail (out of curiosity) the other day. And for the record she hit me first.

Had an interview, same set of questions from last time. It went better this time because I double prepared for those hard questions!

Within the mile was a place on my list to eat at, so we had brunch at 'The Stables' at Como House (Colonial Victorian). We have yet to check out como because there is no pictures allowed inside the house. I was on my way to Einstein's but got lost...

I like the design of the place, though it's not my style, but works. A rustic chic theme. Back when Como was fully occupided they had their own gardens (which grew things to eat) had chickens, livestock and were self-efficent. Though they had a lot of servants to help. Also the city was far away, with horse and carriage being your transport choice. I love history!

I had the 'Meatball, Smoked Scamorza & Spinach Puadini' $13, which was delicious!

Como House

Next we took a stroll, stopped by the library, got some vouchers from SpudBar (skipped the pulled pork samples that le beau & jas would have liked) and went out west. 

Stopped by a store to get something for Andy, discovered Lychee in a can costs more here than in the city (2.80 vs 2.20), and had a snack. 

A ricotta canolli at the Italian pastry & cookies store. The lady behind the counter was lovely and offered me a sample of their hazelnut cookies. They make all these lovely treats themselves, starting from grinding up the hazelnuts! The canolli was great! We are having a good food day (after b'fast anyway). We'll be back to have both the ricotta and choc/vanilla custard soon! treats themselves, starting from grinding up the hazelnuts! The canolli was great! We are having a good food day (after b'fast anyway). We'll be back to have both the ricotta and choc/vanilla custard soon!  

Olympic Doughuts is down at the moment and I miss the scent of their delicious hot jam doughnuts (even though I don't eat them).

Bought an umbrella, it was on sale.

Back to the city we bought some lychee (needed 3 cans) and agar agar (seaweed jelly) though the 'sticks' look a lot like plastic to me...

Exhausted by we went on, up to level 5 at David Jones, for my new notebook. They're out out of HellO Kitty, which was so much more pink than I thought! We went with Peter Rabbit instead, the front cover picture isn't aligned so I have a slight mind to exchange it. Will I survive?

Home. Nap. Had a fight, ended up with a wrist pulsating with pain (pre-exsisting condition, just activiated it). I won. You should have seen the other guy. After that we had the option of being at home and depressed (that hit very sudden) or going to dance, which we did. 


Productivity! And we even had time to stop to buy lunch on the way to work. Though we ended up having lunch at the caf. It didn't occur to me that it would be huge! Cause I'd put a little of everything and not generous servings/fillings of each elements.

My first custom sandwich (that I did not make) contains: shredded chicken, egg, beetroot, salad (just green things), carrot, beetroot. We picked two proteins, next time we will get something smaller. Any suggestions for combos? I pretty much picked everything except ham/silverside beef, and onion.

Today we did spreadsheets, collating and updating. Also packed some parcels ready to be sent out. 

Dinner for jas we picked up a few stations away. Emilee highly reccomends their terriyaki chicken, so I got jas that. It was quite good though not as amazing as the one from 'Purple Peanuts' where I'm reluctant to go cause I once found a hair in the rice... The owner/chef was lovely though (back to the sushi place) and said it was a family business and they've been there for 17yrs!

For dinner I had that delicious cous cous salad(?) from Aldi, I love this stuff!
Tried the new Devondale Smoothies (flavoured milk) and only the strawberry is nice.

Tonight's show was Caroline Nin's "The Thing About Love" a part of the 'American Songbook Festival' a great show. It was in the salon where tables have been set up (think jazz club) as it was a jazz show. We got great seats (for those who came on time, and not early). For a picture taken on the night check me out on instagram.

Smile Thai

Afterwards we went to real dinner (before was more like a late afternoon snack) and got take-away from a Thai place, Smile Thai Cuisine. The spring rolls and sticky rice cake was great. Tom Yum Seafood thing I didn't like. But the service and restaurant was lovely. I'm not doing an urbanspoon review for this one as I don't feel as though I have gathered enough info. 

We bought the "Five-Dish Thai Banquet with Wine for Two $30". 
Didn't get wine and they said no to soda replacements :(

Grilled marinated chicken skewers ($7) - Nice, but tiny for the price like all skewers
Chicken spring roll ($7) - I love spring rolls! Hence I am biased.
Tom Yum - Didn't like this. But it's just me. Was a bit watery. Seafood I like though.
Chicken Curry staring with 'M' - Jas liked it (it's the yellow one on the left).
Large steamed rice ($3) - Better priced than most Indian places
Taro sticky date dumpling ($7) - Lovely. Never had anything like it at a restaurant before.


Not my picture. Possibly indicated by lack of rounded corners.

Today we did not go shopping or the IKEA excursion due to a "my face is sick, but the rest is fine" situation. I'm allergic to Mecca's sunscreen. A review said "To Save Face SPF 30+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen. It's cheap!! SO affordable at only $45 for 100mls." HOW IS $45 FOR A SUNSCREEN CHEAP? The one I want is $50 and we thought about it and decided not to get it, purely based on price. 

Saw the dr, we're on good terms today. We really do have to stop experimenting. I tried a sunscreen yesterday, around 10am and it was burning by 4pm (not immediate reaction) washed my face though at night it was burning and stinging!

The best white hot chocolate that doesn't use real chocolate, along with a warm blueberry cheesecake muffin (much better than the strawberry jam and canned cream one).

Tonight's concert is at Monash, with flat floor seating. I saw 3 double bases and part of a cello. There was a entire orchestra I'm told. Not that I saw that. I barely heard anything, thanks to the mumbling internal monologue that I couldn't make out. We took a nap on le beau. This experience wasn't good enough to get a picture, but there is one on instagram


Another sick day, and I was looking forwards to that conference for an event we're working on. Though I do think 9am event on a Saturday, a meeting, is too early. Le beau went for me. As we have the same last name (I took his) he was going to just scribble out my name, but then work put down 'Charlie' instead of 'Charlotte' so he just went as Charlie. People did notice that he wasn't me though. :P 

After dinner we went to see 'How to Train your Dragon 2' which is set 5yrs after the first movie. It was very good and we both liked it. Though didn't like how a big event happened that was brushed aside so fast and didn't really impact the characters. Still think both those twins are guys XD one of them is hilarious.

15 going on 20.

Dragon Quidditch? But with sheep. I love it!

A new good character is introduced. 

Not really sure what happened to the new guy in the end, did he end up with someone?  

If you liked the first one you'll like this one. And I do think it's better than Frozen which pretty much featured one main song and had one statement. 

Oh and watch this 0.40 the start of many funny scenes.

BYO Snacks. I love mint M&Ms! It's a shame it's so expensive here.
This pack was sent to me from Long Island.

Things you can do with holiday mint m&ms. 

Trailers there were many, 18mins of them. I do want to see the new 'Annie'. Also on youtube we love this 'Dove Men's Shampoo' Ad. Glee selling haircare and Glee selling a car. Why don't we have those great ads here? Disappointed by the lack of involvement of Blaine & Kurt there.  


Sunday gets its own post, we had fun, chased wifi and the time flew by.

How was your week?

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