Lemon Iced Tea

Dinner at the Pancake Parlour, the Lemon Iced Tea was refreshing and not too sweet, a lot like the one by Trailer Truck. We got these with the $15 student offer, but normally these are $5 each. I'd like to make this at home, going to try to make sweet tea. Any tips?

The savory was the 'Cheese and Potato Pancake' ($15 with a drink under student offers), the full-sized one with a salad is huge! Fortunately we ordered two dishes to share, on my own cheese would have taken over the dessert stomach! The cheese was delicious, perfect with the potato pancake (potato was incorporated like how onion would). The salad was great too with dressing, though personally I hate celery!

Note that for those who aren't students or want a smaller serving this can be found under 'weekday lunch & early dinner 11am-7pm' $11 for entree size. $15 for normal (the one we got) and out of those hours it's $20.

Dessert was the 'Salted Caramel Crunch', two pancakes with vanilla ice cream, "salted" caramel sauce and almonds. It was more like caramel sauce, no salt, also it was way too sweet - and that's coming from an American where everything is deep fried and smothered in chocolate whenever possible. Normally $16.50 on it's own, not with an offers.

Service varies on who you get, the manager of the night was adequate though disinterested.

Other than that choc mountain malt drink, the 'Cheese and Potato Pancake' is the best thing I've ever had at the Pancake Parlour! I'll be back that one dish!

But we do have one review (not mine) that totally nails the Pancake Parlour "I grew up wanting to eat here and mum said it was too expensive. That was in 1995. I probably would never order anything other than a short stack, as everything else is kinda novelty food, most is too expensive." - Sauce. 

Oh wow it was always expensive! I miss IHOP. As a bargain hunter and couponer (if they existed here) I'm proud to say I have never bought a short stack without the BOGOF voucher found on the back of receipts. :) Also most of the time we're here we're using a special offer - or the student offer. 

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