Tuesday 10th June

A couple days ago I was at Southern Cross Station, as I walked by a girl with her friend sneezed and said she was sick. IMO she should be at home, and not out and about contaminating others. Le beau stopped me from telling her exactly that. Though my thought was she should be bricked up at home, like when they had the plague. 

I think I'm sick... been sneezing a lot with a sore throat, can't breathe through my nose. Feeling like I'm on exams when I'm on vacation. Hence unproductive. 

Today's achievement was making 'Coconut Milk Tea' which was very nice, and I'd make it again! Preparing a write up for it, for a post next week. With better pictures and an analysis of exactly how much it costs compared to Chatime. 


Another sick day, 16hrs in bed. Too tired to even watch tv in bed, got bed sores maybe. Still can't breathe with that sore throat. Feeling incredibly lonely and tired of life. Also feeling hot and cold - it's just me though. I need a hug, but le beau isn't here, though he's keeping me company through skype.

Got an interview for a job I applied for but didn't get, but at a different campus. :) 

Size research! It's 4.5". My last one was like 1" and slides. 
Also considering getting that purple case - if only it was a flip and not slide.

The phone screen arrived, which means we can open the phone. Data charges I don't understand, can't we always just connect to free wifi? Also I'm wondering if I should just use the basic on the phone as I always have, or use all the features and charge the phone every night. 

It's so big compared to my cute little slide one (slide because I couldn't find the flip). 


Iced Chocolate with No Ice

A day of discoveries, my first smart phone. It has ads! Internet = ads. On a huge laptop screen you can ignore it, though on a phone it's harder. Is there an addblock app? The ads are within the apps, so would it still work?

Today we learnt...
  • I can't sweet talk my way into getting a free unlocking code
  • Yes you do need a screen protector (the guy I was discussing this with me wasn't selling them), $10-$15 at the shopping center, <$5 on ebay. also it sticks on by static and not sticky paper like the type for your books
  • Lucky you (says le beau) not having a mainstream phone like an iphone means less cool, pretty and totally unpractical phone cases available
  • Wifi at the pancake parlour sucks, and didn't connect
  • You need another app to repost on instagram...
  • This camera sucks, and is the same quality as Emily's
  • Gmail, unlike with the computer 3 tabs become spam central with ads

Found an asian shop that has jelly powders, including lychee! So we have some lychee creations coming up with the next month or so. Jelly, panna cotta and pudding. They don't have all the flavours on the site, only the ones in my picture. 

There was also green tea kitkats 14 minis for $9. Prawn crackers we're on the hunt for - ones that aren't made in china. And we got confused with so many different brands of coconut milk to choose from...

Dinner at the Pancake Parlour.

Oh Hello!


Lunch from Aldi, 250g of amazing fresh cherries ($5) from the USA that taste like summer. All but one was perfectly firm. As we all know what cherries look like and I was starving there wasn't a close up.

Accompanying my effort to eat fresh unprocessed things while I'm not feeling great, was Aldi's "homebrand" 'Waitrose Morocan Couscous Salad' for $3.50. It was amazing! So amazing that I came back to buy more for dinner! It's got dried blackcurrants and cranberries, pumpkin, chickpeas and is vegetarian. Straight from the fridge you just fluff it up with a fork and serve cold! Would be perfect if it came with a fork. 

But it was much much better tasting and priced than Safeway pre-made salads for lunch, though I only once tried a tangy pasta, and now they have an in-house sushi station - which we look forwards to trying when we move back to the city. 

Which moves onto the next paragraph, I'm volunteering for some admin work in an office - which I've never done before. But Emilee's great, lots of support. Today we did parcels, only two I got spelling wrong and had to discard - which was pretty good (there was like 20-ish of them).

Durian! It's rare.

Other sweet treats.

Le beau picked me up and I insisted we have more of that couscous, and on the way found a new bakery! They do rainbow cake! Is it another BreadTop? Yes & No. Yes as they do similar savory baked things. No because they have a cafe setting where you can go with friends and hang out. Also they have different cake slices - which we took forwards to trying. Though le beau has requested I don't try the durian strudel when he's there. :P Oh and cakes have a good price, around $6, huge slices for some.  


A day where the dr said I should rest, and therefore I didn't see le beau - but we did watch a movie together (online, same time) and comment throughout it. :P


Still recovering, getting better - enough to go dancing though not enough to see le beau before he left. Went dancing and shopping and bought pizza for dinner, figured out how to get Crust style at a lower price from Dominos. It's great that you can order online and then pay cash when you pick-up.

We ordered the supreme with a few changes, today it was on sale for $5 (normally $10) and we did some changes for $2, a total of $7. 

1 x Supreme $4.95
• Minus bacon, sausage and capsicum
• Add Thin 'n' Crispy (base)
• Add Crème Fraîche (sauce base)
• Add Duck
• Add Feta
• Add Prawns
• Add Hollandaise Sauce Swirl

Duck was inadequate, as there wasn't much and it was chewy and fatty. Prawns were more like a garnish as there wasn't much. Feta was good though.

I do like movies about weddings.

That first dress looks like something Barbie would wear, the second is stunning!
(But missing a huge matching headpiece!)

Catching Up

Something I'm working on.

Something I actually finished! Le beau made me a bracelet, and I made it into a necklace (right). The left is a fixed/remodeled necklace, there was another layer or two.

Honey I like!

I made whoopie pies, great sponge but the filling tastes like it was from a can.

What a beautiful mask! Unfortunately it's at one of those gift shops where everything is overpriced. Normally these masks are $30, this one's $40! Please do tell me if you see a cheaper similar one around!

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