Our third year at the Food & Wine Expo! And we have still yet to purchase tickets. :P Every year lots of food bloggers have competitions for them, and there's some given away for free too, posted on ozbargain. Entry is around $34 for a full-priced adult! This year we got our tickets through ozbargain, and on the Saturday through Bite Communications.  

I'm so glad they sell the workshop tickets online! Unfortunately I didn't do any of these, as because I don't cook, it's a fun experience but one I am unlikely to recreate at home - unless le beau is beside me. Lily, Helen & Adrian did Zumbo's workshop, which they said was great. Helen has lots of nieces and nephews, with parties where everyone brings a plate to share, hence it was good for her learn how to make them. 

One of the most expensive stalls to purchase the space for, was Rachel's located right at the entry, it's all about location. Rachels did little samples and also gave out free products (pictured above). I see myself buying this at Safeway as an evening snack, as it comes with a spoon under the lid! There were three flavours on offer, the fig is my favourite. 

Costco unfortunately weren't selling any candy, just memberships which are only worth it if you have a huge family. Yes buying in bulk will be cheaper per 100g, but consider the cost of more storage space for it.

Macarons by Nic & Rocco. I do not approve of your marketing/selling trick, friend of a friend told me they were $2 a box which I didn't believe her, as they're usually $2.50-$3 each (unless from McD). So I went out to find out for myself, she got the $2 part right - they're $2 each. The way the SA advertised it was deliberately designed to say it's $2 a box - to imply so, but not in those exact words. I asked here how much it is, indicated to the box, and she said $2, and when it came to paying it was $12. But it was just such a sneaky way of pretending the box was $2. People like jas (who's mr nice guy) and possibly le beau would have just paid $12 and then be a bit upset that they were pretty much conned.    

Three Threes Condiments 2 for $5

A show special, as always I did ask for the normal price. I love beetroot relish (le beau says it's because it's purplely-pink :P) and olives. They also had a series/selection of onions in liquid. Tasting samples are always a good idea. There were also pickled onions, which le beau bought the next day (hence no pictures) and these odd green things, gherkins that look like something the BFG would eat. Mint jelly sounds interesting. 

What I like most about these products is that they're Australian made, which sounds odd saying that, as normally we support American made products (back home). But local is best in terms of food, we don't eat things from China. 

Recently a food blogger posted about Bubble Cup & Co (e.g. Chatime & GongCha), I've always wanted to try bubble cup though what if I don't like it? Like that time I ordered a carnation drink and wasted $7. Chatime had a stand at the show, where there was samples of coconut milk tea and their premium tea (best sellers).

Who wants to try alpaca? Unfortunately jas wasn't there to review this for us.
I'd describe an alpaca as a sheep that's shaped liked a llama.

There was a pizza stand! Samples of slices and they sold 2 for $10 (le beau bought some) possibly because they came with a cooler bag. When on sale they're like $4 at the supermarket. We tried the 4 cheeses, and spinach. A bit oily, I like it - but not enough to eat the whole pizza. Pizza is a sharing food, and very often I have no one to share with.

I do want to buy these, though will have to cut them up while frozen, to fit my 'Easy Bake Oven' as we don't have a real one - it died and because I'm the only one who uses it, they worked it out to be cheaper for me to buy a cupcake ($5) each week then to fix it. 

Blossom Treats - Jelly Cake!

These are suitable for vegetarians, and are so pretty! Unfortunately their website is not user-friendly, with hard to read tiny fonts in grey and all-caps. Slow to load, broken links and no prices - and as you know no prices mean it's $$$.

We always get candy from Sovereign Hill, the $20 jars are above (re: the label) these jars you see are $7-ish. Unfortunately they didn't do samples these year, only of the raspberry drops.

Barilla (Pasta) Workshop

Last year they sold tickets for this and then changed their minds and refunded it all, giving us free spots on the day. This year you have the option of $5 tickets or lining up for 30 mins, we chose the prior. Andrea was good, though missed a few points Luca covered last year, just little things like tips.

Casarecce (Pasta) with Pan Roasted Winter Veggies, Ricotta Sauce & Salted Ricotta

It was nice, I do like how the veggies were all prepared already like on cooking shows! Unfortunately all those 1cm cubes don't cut themselves at home. We need an appliance that does that.

Nudie Juice had the main 'chill-out' zone with lots of beanbags and kids chairs. 

Chatime - $3 Show Special. 

I think this was the premium milk tea, which I didn't order, I asked for the coconut one. This one was a bit bitter, you could taste the black tea. Wouldn't get this again. 

Nepresso Workshop - Still no hot chocolate capsule. :(

Things we bought + freebies. Ceramic mug was a GWP.

Raspberry Drops $7 & Coconut Water $2 (1L, exp in 3wks).
Hershey's Cookies n' Cream is too sweet, but one of my favourites.

Pasta Sauce Workshop 'GWP' Hamper $20
Those lovely buttery cookies can be bought only at Costco.

Not my picture - as the camera refused to take a picture of this and thought it was a night scene. These area sold local (state) products I believe, including potatoes (not hot chips). 

- insert picture of world vision here -

At every expo is this that one stand that doesn't fit in, this one was interesting, potentially using a guilt tripping marketing strategy. It wasn't weight watches or a dieting (there was one of those, but we know the fitness and exercise expo is coming up soon :P), it was World Vision. So you're surrounded by an excess of food, an abundance, and then there's pictures of kids (always kids, cause really no one will sponsor an adult in the same way, for women they market it in a different way, help them help themselves) dying because they have no food. It dampens the mood, but fortunately they're a stand and not roaming.

From experience Friday is the best day to go, with less people around. On Saturday it was too crowded and hard to take pictures as people kept bumping into me!

Did you go to the food & wine festival this year?

Part 2 coming up tomorrow!

Blogger Ling said... on June 11, 2014 at 10:58 AM  

Chatime and gongcha are good. If you see easyway run a mile. It's sugar in a cup.

Anonymous Anonymous said... on June 11, 2014 at 5:14 PM  

Those jelly cakes look amazing! I've got tickets to the Sydney show that I got for free, in two minds about going, but your photos make me think twice!

Blogger Charlie said... on June 11, 2014 at 8:46 PM  

Ling - Thanks for the tip, though lately I've been experimenting with my own coconut milk tea. Recipe coming soon!

Peach - Whenever given free tickets you should always go! Unless it's a midnight event somewhere scary...

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