Something New & Blue @ Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Checking out headpieces for an upcoming event. I love crowns and big things (advantage of having a big head) especially by venusjewelry and janefashions

Oh wow... No you cannot buy this (pictured above) for one time use to wear to a tea party. But for a wedding yes. This one's $50 shipped - before paypal applies their conversion rates.  

I also love this one $42 shipped.

There aren't many coloured ones on ebay, that or they're $$$$$.
A few Gatsby ones have been sighted around $20 shipped.
Middle left is the one from Lovisa $25, exactly why I don't buy them here.
Under that is a pretty but small filigree one - ebay. Half crown, tie it down.
Ravenclaw tiara, it is actually more grey than silver and goes for $5. 


Some lovely hairpiece or dresses from OUAT. Bollywood inspires skirt overlay?

I like it, but it's more of an everyday tiara, too small.

Too much fine detail? Not enough shinies.

Too big? Reminds me of Bollywood, Hindu maybe?

Our top 4 realistic buys. Last one looks wonky. 

The one we bought! Around $5 and was delivered within two weeks - new record.
It's medium sized but a bit on the small side to me, I prefer crowns.
But we'll see how it goes in July.

My something blue! A Colette exclusive, marketed as better than their average stuff. 

Warm lighting, looks better irl. There will be a photographer at the event. 

Now we just need something old. Which I actually already have.
Can you guess what it is?

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