Star Cheesecakes with Jisbon @ Monday, June 09, 2014

Monday 26th May
How are we still two weeks behind?

An unproductive day. I'm nocturnal. 
Won tickets to a movie (skill) and a necklace (chance). :)

Watched the last episode of season 6 of the Mentalist.  No way... Like Cho said Lisbon & Jane are like brother and sister, while I think they're bffs. But suddenly Jane likes her? Abbott (bk guy in charge) knew it for the last few episodes. They've been together for six years and suddenly he likes her?

Jane tripping XD when I first saw the couple I did think they looked like garden characters, even before he was tripping. This is in the episode 'Cherry Picked' where he was high and met his teenage daughter, after following the rabbit down a garden path.

At first the bunny leads him to a lovely garden (just missing a water feature) and then later when with Lisbon it's a stunning pool. I'd love to have both! Oh and a gazebo, maybe with a moat.

Jane's daughter looks a lot like the Ali on the cover of Sara Shepard's books! In this episode, though second down left picture I don't think that's her, as she looks a lot more like Blair Wardolf in that pictures, but she has a heart shaped face just like the Ali on the cover!

I've finally seen all the episodes of the Mentalist, waiting for season 7! Still got OAUT & PLLs to finish. With PLLs starting up again soon. Considering going back for missed episodes of Charmed too. And watching BBC Merlin all over again, still not over how everyone was killed off/died except Merlin... 

Tuesday - Dreams & The Subconsciousness

So I went for a little (short) hug with Lucy (bunny) in the morning wait for the bathroom and a moment later it was 10pm! Completely missed the seminar and shopping day! But I did go to a wedding, get up and leave. I was also royalty (or a guest) at a luncheon where they had lots of petite fours and miniature yum cha (love!) till someone exposed me as a servant. Went looking for the bathroom on the way back to the kitchen and got transported back to medieval times (I saw horse & cart and bales of hay outside the big grey/blue slabs of stone wall in the yard). Someone tried to kidnap me, there were people around, but because people knew we knew each other (Idk who he is! his face is a blend of a few men I know) no one helped.  

At the wedding I was a guest or reluctant bridesmaid, wore a pale lace floor length dress, something like Grace Kelly's. And had a crown, the $50 (before paypal applies its own inflated exchange rates) I love. The events woman was rude to me and instead of standing up to her, I got upset and left. The music stopped for a moment, but they soon forgot about me. I went for a walk, from a meadow to a street in a familiar suburbs, there was a tram stop from the city and buses. Big green leafy trees lined the street. I ended up at a pub, talking to a guy with orange hair who was an Aquarius.

Le beau always takes care of me, standing up to people who are mean to me or telling them it's not ok. I can do this half the time, but the other half not, I hesitated. This was something to do with the teacup. 

Do you think dreams sometime says something about you? 
Or am I over-analyzing as always?


Today we got up at 11am, yay! Did some errands. Was halfway to the station and thought my bag was very light today. I forgot all the books on my desk! They were out of sushi - the one I like. :(

Meeting, this week's venue was Breadtop. Strawberry Cheesecake $4.50, I like it. :)  

Colette Valentine's Jewel Statement Drop Earrings - Dracula's Bride Earrings
Colette Rihanna Statement Drop Earrings - Just Bling!

Colette has 50% all jewelry! But the one I wanted (and have) is sold out. Bought 3 pieces for $4! A very long gold owl necklace and earrings to be recreated. Earrings $1.50 each.

Stopped by Corky Saint Claire (the guy there does amazing stuff) le beau & Adrian love this shop for cute little necklaces, Adrian once bought Helen a $300+ pendent of a heart - a real heart, not love heart - with a sparrow in it. I love the $80 letter, well envelop, which you can get a custom letter for. They also have Aacute Candles for $25 ($20 if you buy direct from the warehouse). Picked up a present for someone (who doesn't read my blog).

Wait for an hour for Fernando, I do not wait for anyone. Had dinner at Fonda, the fish taco is hotter than before, and not as good. The Horchata is still amazing though. :) There was an American guy working there tonight. 

Met Lily (who bought snacks!) to see the advance screening (totally sold out) of John Green's NY Bestseller 'The Fault in Our Stars'. I like it, but don't love it. I did not cry, instead I took a few naps on Lily, thinking she was le beau! I was a bit tired. She cried. So did most people around me (all girls and a couple guys who tagged along). 

Gus looks amazing in a tailored suit... I didn't read the book, but Lily did and she liked both. I love what the wait says about champagne, how it's like drinking stars!  


11am. She got lost and missed the class. 
Exploring. Two Bags of Samples. 
Milk, Hershey's Cookies & Cream!
Coconut Water $2 a Litre! Exp 3wks. 
Baked Donuts and Cha Time.
Sovereign Hill Raspberry Drops.
Creating Lunch with Barilla.
Delicious Cranberry & Cheese!
Affrogato minus the coffee, just ice cream!
Naps on the Train. Round 2 tomorrow!


Feels like a Sunday, my shoulders hurt (bag was very heavy... should have bought a trolley - note that I didn't have much in my bag, just the usual) though not my feet, well not much (most of my socks shrunk in the wash so my feet are tightly bounded).

B'fast with Sammy & Bella


Goodie Bags

Afternoon Workshop - DIY Beauty, not food related.

We arrived at the class a bit late, mother said she'd be out soon (1.5hrs later)! ... is nearly a vegan and is into making her own products (doesn't wear make-up, so not that) but things like skincare, and cleaning products. I'd love to do that, the prior though it sounds like an $$ hobby. Each group was allocated a different oil to make 3 things, we got the spearmint (aka mouthwash). 

Made lipbalm, a salt scrub and body oil. After I finish my new bottle of creamy lotion moisturizer I will definitely check out the oils. We had fun, learnt new things, though has a time management problem.  

Meanwhile le beau & co went to dinner and a concert ''Symphony in a Day' at the town hall. I was invited though need to sleep... with a 5.45am start tomorrow (start, not when I get up). 


6am start, well I was there at 6am, we parked on the wrong side of the track and walked more than a mile! About half the course. Volunteer Operations, we did sign-ins, it was busy when everyone arrived, but not after that rush, it's like the coffee rush.

No jumping castle as it rained, though there was still flying balloons, pies (not Mrs Lovette's) and people in stilts. And a petting zoo! Are those doves?

There was a team in game of thrones outfits but as we were driving and there were other cars behind us we couldn't stop, but I did get chain mail + viking helmet guy.

Back to the city, le beau meet me at the event and we were going for waffles, but they weren't open so we got hot chips instead. Went home and crashed 3pm - 6am the next day. 

Blogger Ling said... on June 10, 2014 at 8:47 AM  

I like the sound of this DIY lip balm, lotions and potions...
Still upset that we keep missing good food & wine each year. Can't wait for the boys to be older.

Blogger Charlie said... on June 10, 2014 at 6:18 PM  

It's fun to make, and the ingredients aren't that expensive (iherb) - if you make products in bulk, or get all your female friends together. :)

Hope to see you at the show in the future! :)

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