Hometown Asian Supermarket @ Thursday, June 26, 2014

My definition of a supermarket is that it is cheaper than other stores, and this place is. There was only one item I found at a higher price than another asian store. This store is just a block or two away from Melbourne Central, no tram as it stops before or after the street you want, just walk from Melb Central. I'm amazed I've never noticed this store before, as it's opposite where we used to go dancing in between classes.

This is one of the items I was after. KitKats in special flavours!
Here we have strawberry (Lucy's favourite) and green tea.

All things matcha and green tea. We need translations.
I'm staring to get confused... none of these are Korean. Bottom picture is Japan, top middle and right looks Chinese? But I don't know... How do you tell Japanese & Chinese apart? Jap has a bit more curves. But the two I pointed out look a bit complex...

Meiji Melty Kiss $6 - We'll be back for this.

They have a grand total of 3 American things, that was disappointing.
Bought the cookies & cream Hershey's kisses which was great. :)

Sakes that jas would like. I just want that pretty glass.

The cheapest fortune cookies I've seen, great party favour. 
Yes most of the time it's novelty, not food.

Butter & Cheese Popcorn - Fake (?) Lay's Potato Chips

Sangaria Sodas - Melon, Grape, Original
What looks like a version if Fanta. 

Korean Fruit Juice - In a Can (no bubbles).
Random drinks including tomato, cocoa and ume soda.

 Even jas won't try the curry soda, and he's pretty adventurous. :P

Rice Flour - Tapioca Starch - Glutenous Flour $1.30-ish

Have you been to this shop and found any interesting products?

We found a packet mix for pandan chiffon cake that had German on it.

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