Piccadilly Market - Part 2

An Amazing Picture of Little Puddles! (Not my picture, no rounded corners).

We went for a walk, and lots of shops had flyers advertising the market. Going to go for lunch, fish & chips on the beach, just my beau & I, but we/I got distracted and the time fly by. Had a wifi adventure, GJ and Tab have no connections and the library (which I struggled to find, as it looks like a giant concrete block, much like the 'Old Melbourne Gaol' but more modern and clean) didn't happen. I think the issue was instagram for us. 

Le beau went exploring on his own and bought fudge and some soap, a couple pirate themed things and superhero cuff-links. Unfortunately he ran/drove off before I got a picture.

I love how 'Little Puddles' displays everything. 
The cloud earrings, things in bottles and more glitter washi tape!

Honeycomb Display of Necklaces!

Pompoms & Twine.

I love pretty things too!

The Stand.

Lovely birdcage necklaces, the one on the left is my favourite, 
or maybe second from the right. What do you think?

Check out this awesome dinosaur hoodie! Le beau wants a boy.
And I want a pirate themed room, that would be cool.

This one was one of le beau's favourite stands, I really like it too.

Pirate & dino themed things we like, though not for our wedding. :P A print we'd totally buy when we have a boy says le beau, but for now we have the greeting card version. :)

Lily loves foxes, so this picture is for her.

Lovely Prints + Toadstools!

This is my picture of the month. Fantastic styling!

Geo Earrings - Eden and Sloane

Foxes for Lily, fruit salad necklaces. Lots of great brooches.
That bunny brooch looks tempting, just needs glitter I think.
Their name is hilarious, it's the sound chickens make!

By Mabel - Made by Samantha, with her lovely husband assists in the retail/sales department. Named after her nanna, what a lovely idea and name. A discussion on where twine comes from, a cotton plant magically? We've got to check out the string factory next time I'm in Geelong. Mabel sells simple but cool cards, lots of pompoms (garlands) and ribbons! Oh and twine.

To Paris I have always wanted to go, flamingos in Florida.
And ruby slippers that take you down the yellow brick road.

Orcwood does the brooches as another vendor on the day, but cheaper.
All these clips for little girls are so pretty! If we have one we'll be bankrupt!

We/I had a great time, chatting to 17+ vendors (I know this as I collected business cards and took 420 pictures). As we got back late there sun was out after dancing, more pictures to be taken tomorrow of the showbags. Edit - Pictures on instagram

With the conclusion of the event we received some amazing goodie/showbags. Still don't like the word goodies (ref to Fun with Dick & Jane). Thanks to the very generous sponsors and of course Janina (the organizer) & Valissa (Nuffnang) for organizing this. Review and pictures will be coming up soon. 

North Williamstown is close to the city, and as you guessed on the Williamstown line.

On the way home, random guy I asked for directions just happen to be from California too! And he had the exact same name as father, we're defs not related though. Discussion on stalkers, he says guys don't have that fear, when a chick stalks you that's a compliment (unless she's your psycho ex). He lives where I have exams and there are bunnies. He seems interesting, unfortunately we did not network, must work on that. Any tips on making strangers into acquaintances? 

The next few markets are in Geelong, though they'll be back in Williamstown on Sunday November 9th! Here's a link for more info.

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