Twelfth Night @ Thursday, August 11, 2011

Went to see 'Twelfth Night' - Bollywood style! It was great! Best musical of the year? So far I think so, scored even higher then Midsummer Night's (which I saw a couple mths ago). Would I see it again? Yes! Sadly I have major tests coming up, plus tomorrow night - the final night is sold out.

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The Plot
  • Seb/Viola start shipwrecked on an island, where the Duke is King of it - or something like that
  • Viola becomes Cesario
  • Orsino the Duke, likes Olivia
  • Olivia likes Cesario (thinking it's a boy) who is actually Viola
  • And Viola likes the Duke, who thinks Viola is a boy, and uses "him" to send messages to Olivia
  • Stuff happens, introduce Sir Toby, Olivia's drunken uncle & hilarious friends, a subplot of her servants tricking one into thinking that she, Olivia likes him, introduce Seb alive
  • In the end, Seb appears, Olivia marries him, thinking he's Cesario (him: jackpot! pretty girl wants me)
  • Viola is revealed to be a girl, and she marries the Duke
  • Everyone lives happily ever after ^^
  • Confused? here's a character map.
A Bollywood Musical. Maria/Toby/Sir Andrew, Fabian trick Malvolia into thinking that his mistress, Olivia fancies him, and wants him to wear "yellow stockings cross-gartered" and smile ridiculously all the time XD. The guy who played Proctor in the Crucible, wore yellow tights, and as they don't come in man-size he wore them low and it hilarious, it takes a lot of courage to do that XD, especially because the top part is a bit lighter in colour and everyone can see your boxers. The part of awesome.

As it was a musical there were also quite a few numbers. It starts with Orsino, the Duke singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody with a dance. Introducing Sir Toby & Friends, partying all night long, with "ballroom blitz". Viola singing "I only want to be with you", Orsino's poem to Olivia is "River Deep Mountain High", and Malvolio's "Sex Bomb" after he receives "Olivia's" letter to him. My fav song is probably ABBA's SOS, or Olivia's "Somebody to Love". When confronted the love triangle sings "Baby Love, Stop in the Name of Love, You Can't Hurry Love Medley" with Orsino singing stop (the guy who plays him is amazing, I've seen a lot of plays he's in over the past couple years). The musical sadly ends :( with Viola & Duke's Wedding "What is Life?". Another awesome part was when Orsino sings "Help Yourself" practically to Cesario and he does affectionate things such as holding hands and couple dance moves, and then realizes that Cesario is a "guy" and freaks XD, he does that quite a few times, I think it says "If you were a girl, I'd like you". 

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