How to NOT be a Doormat & Say No @ Thursday, August 11, 2011

"You've been trying to walk on water
In the end everybody, Walked all over you
Now, you don't like the sight of mirrors
Cause you're scared that the face
You'll see, will look just like before"

How to NOT be a Doormat & Say No
Step 1: Pause
Step 2: Breathe
Step 3: Say "no". If they ask why, you say "because."
- Level of Difficulty: High -

Why ´╗┐you are a doormat in the 1st place:
- you can't stand up for yourself
- always says yes
- lack of self-confidence

The character I'm portraying has a doormat issue. She also can't say no. People use her like a supplies cupboard (not in a ... way XD) but people ask to borrow things all the time and never get their own because she'll always be there for them to use. I don't like asking people things, so if I need something, I'll get it myself, like this person here who I can relate to. Another example.
A girl (who is classified 120% as a leech and user who has a infectious neg attitude) kept asking to borrow glue, and she even bought it - despite the fact that she herself rarely use it. The issue is that others should not depend on her, or use her as they do. And she needs to stand up for herself and say no, but it's harder than you think. Pen girl is an example of her not saying no and direct confrontation, as a result she lost two irreplaceable pens. In other incidents she's lost a whiteboard marker and stapler, which the teacher borrowed, passed around and then someone in that class stole it. And one before that, Irene "borrowed" (took from me in my presence) my translator (English not being my 1st language) and shoved it down her top, and then at some point broke it and claimed it was like that when she "borrowed" it, yes I got it back, but she had destroyed $250 worth of my property, and of course with life being unfair and all no one cared nor did anything about it. And I couldn't either because Irene is basically a man who will beat you up any day, interestingly later on she tried to steal my bf (at the time). I could do an entire post ranting about how much a loath her, and I'm once again beginning to think, humanity.

From now on her goal is to say no to everyone without apology and why they ask why, the answer is "just because". She hates it when people trample all over her, like today, a guy asked for a tissues, as she had a box of unopened tissues which she did not want to open, and yet she ended up doing what she did not want to do. This guy has on several occasioned asked for tissues, no need to bring your own when you have the supplies cupboard in your classes, and what's even worse - when anyone else needs a tissue he goes "Charlie has some."

I have a temptation to post this on the notice board:
"To everyone who associates with me,
due to recent events I an issue has been raised that needs to be addressed.
I am NOT the supplies cupboard.
Bring your own stuff, and learn not to rely on others, as I have done.
Don't ask to borrow anything (unless you are my friend). The answer is no.
Why? 246 people know why.
- Charlie "that girl" "

Google says...
How to Stop People Constantly Borrowing Your Things 
Suggestion: Buy a cheap lending pen
Charlie says: Done that, never got it back. But that time was ok because it was a friend, and it only happened once.
How to Get People to Stop Asking to Use Your Stuff
- Say no
- Distract them
- Pretend you don't have it
- Tell them you don't have many left (e.g. pens)
- Germ talk (done that before, there was a rumor going around that I had AIDs and one went near me for that phase of my life XD)

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