@ Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Had another great day, even though I was 2hrs late - I slept in... it was good. What was not so good was that I missed my appointment with the careers lady. I got up at 9am, and it takes 1.5hrs to get there. Fortunately we did it, over the phone instead. Missed breakfast, anything solid and not orange (OJ & pumpkin juice) anyway - but I got the bus in time. The next one would have made me at least 30mins even later.

Arrived at 11.30am. The end of yr junior assembly was just starting, fortunately only one teacher I was looking for was required to go, and I saw him before then - actually I just realized I didn't someone I was going to see (but then I left it at the office for her). 

As I was entering campus, mr eng was leaving! Fortunately as I was leaving he came back, so I did get a chance to say goodbye and "give" him his present (left it on his desk, cause I thought I'd be gone before he came back). We did a handshake, and I think it went ok, hopefully it wasn't too dead fish, but I know that I got the thumb wrong - but at least I didn't give the dominating handshake.

Mr head of business studies is cool, and one of those teachers everyone likes, like mr health. He's funny. He really liked the pudding ^^ (or the look of it at the time), and said he'll pretty much inhale it XD (eat it guy style?). Like a few others he traded holidays plans, and told me about Christmas in NY. Despite being from america, I've never been to NYC. I've always wanted to spend xmas in NY, and stay at the Plaza Hotel ($400+ a night); though he says NY in general is expensive, a small hotel room with bad views, and the size of a bathroom (no spa) was $150 a night. Travel leads into photography, and he sounds like an amazing photography. Everyone has lots of pictures, but not many rotate them every so often (in picture frames on the wall), and especially not their desktop bg, which he amazing changes daily, as part of the computer routine - things you always do before you do your work XD. 

Finished giving xmas puddings, though I missed the career ladies, as there were out.  The nurse (who knows my name, too much panadol? XD)  tried to kiss me - but I got out of it in time. Unfortunately someone else got me, because they approached from the side - not expected. I thought you always go from in front so they see that it's going to happen so that they can stop it in time, or just move to the right. 3 tried to kiss me, 1 got me (the hoh receptionist).

The last person I was going to see was mr health, but it ended up being mr eng, unplanned. I got mr health a care though had/have no clue what to write in it. So I didn't end up writing anything, the convo went:
me: Can you help me write something for a card?
him: Who's it for?
me: You
him: No. XD, Write what you want. (not in a mean way though)

If we were to replay that I would have asked ms hoh what to write. So I didn't end up writing in the card, just made him promise not to re-gift it. He opened it and liked it ^^ (oxfam unwrapped card btw), I'm really glad I got him that card, oxfam that is, because he's one of those rare people who like (and truly like, not just say they liked it) donation on behalf of the card receiver. One of the rare people, and probably the only person I know who'd appreciate it. It was suggested when he was discussing the government's budget, and how so much more is spent on thing like defence, compared to aid. 

If I was to guess his unwrapping presents style I would of said he opens them like a girl (not a bad thing, it means opening where the tape is and not ripping anything - or trying not to anyway). I was wrong. He liked the mug and opened it right away (and threw out the box) despite it being now summer, and too hot for coffee. I would have asked if he does iced coffees in th summer, but didn't think of it at the time. I think he lives on coffee, he disagrees.

It was funny, he was like coffee? when he was opening the 1st package (mug), and I thought he knew what was inside XD. Completely forgetting that the xmas tree card on top had a coffee quote, it was meant to be a hint, but I didn't think of it or to get a chance ask him to guess what it was. I did with the 2nd package though. The card had two Newton (Issac Newton) quotes on it. Guess? Don't know. *shakes it after being directed shake it side ways and not up and down, don't get the strings tangled*. He identified it corrected ^^, not knowing what it's called, while knowing what it is (everyone including me until a month ago, is like that "I know what it is, just not what it's called"). His way of describing it was hilarious, he described it by making the swinging motion, and metal balls bouncing off each other noise (start at 22 seconds on vid) XD, you had to be there XD.

The Secret Life of Teachers, that should be a book title. I find that I don't know much about my teachers, they don't share, I don't ask. And the only way I know things about them (other then them saying it) is by hearing it from others or reading it. When mr health got a promotion there was a piece about him in the newsletter, and that's how I knew he was married and had 3 kids. Though initially I assumed that he was alone (not in a sad way) and had an amazing dog. I think he is actually the most successful/happy person I know. I gave him five xmas puddings (planned) which he really liked, and that I knew his kids' names (with one, an uncommon name I didn't know if it was a girl or boy, though with that name if you picture it, it has to be a boy), strangely he didn't ask how I knew. As I'm not one to ask about most people's personal (after 5pm) life.

Wires & Me = bad. There was a telephone wire stretched across the room, clothes line style says Ad. Me being clumsy and accident prone could have tripped over it and gone out the 2nd storey window and taken someone in front me with me XD. And I'd doubt we'd land on our feet in the courtyard. It was an accident waiting to happen, fortunately I didn't have to go over it.

After saying goodbye, I got a chance to say goodbye to mr eng. And then went to a bookshop, and spent the next 4hrs+ there. I like books. A boy walked past me with his friend and said books are boring O.o Yes they are, if you are one of those gamers who haven't read a book you weren't forced to read since high school. I could not ever marry someone who did not share my passion of having our own library (we call it the reading room though). I checked out about 30 books, going through almost the entire shop, I'll be back on Friday for the last two rows of shelves. Scanning every shelf I found some hidden treasures (the last copy of that book) like one by Allen & Barbara Pease (sister's a big fan of them, and hasn't got that book yet) and a fashion, style book, what to wear guide. One that I have on my wishlist. This is my 2nd visit to that shop, on the first I bought 3 book, though none of them were for me. On my 2nd (today) I bought two, one for sister, and one for me. And on Friday I'll be getting most of the seven books I have on reserve. And the great thing is that these books all cost the same price $5 each. 12 books for $60 is a bargain, knowing that those books cost at least $10 each, even where I usually get my books (book depositry).

Took the bus home, the 2nd bus was fab! The driver decorated the bus with tinsel, lots of it :) and gave everyone who got on mini candy canes. A girl said he made her day. I have pictures. It was very nice, the deco, and bus driver.

Home. 8pm. Mail ^^. I got a dress, purple! needs to be altered though. It's the same style as this one, worn by the 2nd main girl in Gossip Girl at some awards. Three ties from China/HK, new record set for longest shipping time, sent on the 10th Oct (before Halloween) received 8th Dec (3 weeks from xmas). The ties were skinny ties, satin, one was lavender, another one was purple, Cadbury; and the 3rd was music notes. 

And I also got a major surprise in the mail. A card (I could see through the envelope) I rarely ever get written mail. But the fascinating thing was that it was addressed to me by the name I use only official, in college I use my middle name (Charlotte) as my first name, but my friends call me Charlie; hence mail is always for Charlie from friends or ebay/deliveries. The stamp machine missed it (that or the sender delivered it O.o) so I do not know when it was sent, but I assume it was this week. It was a thank you card from one of my teachers :), so very unexpected, because when things are sent from college they have the official logo and all - but this didn't. I'm not saying who sent it (it's wasn't mr health btw). It was a christmas card! I love cards, I am more a giver and rarely a receiver - the last cards I got were for my birthday last year. Mr X thanked me for organizing the class signed card and the (very heavy) present I got him. My first instinct is to email thanks to him, but it wouldn't be right, as he took the time to hand write the message, go to the post office/box and post it. Compared to a minute of typing and then clicking send. I will be sending him a Christmas card back :). It was a lovely surprise.

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