@ Thursday, December 08, 2011

Long day, another day on high (or most of it anyway) I think I've caught what Ad calls the 'happy virus' from mr health on tues, even though I didn't see him on tues.

The days "starts" at 6.05am. The alarms starting ringing at 5.15am. Not going to happen :P. Finally got up at 6.05am, and was on the train by 6.27. Arrived in the city at 7.04am. Proceeded to Due Passi Cafe for breakfast. Coffee is good... Jas being late (not unexpected) was not, but it was ok, we had time still. And I had coffee while waiting. Around 30mins later he arrives, with a slightly legit reason for being late - hurt his ankle somehow. And we order breakfast. Baked Eggs in Sugo with sausage & cannellini beans, for him and Ricotta Pancakes with poached fruit & mascarpone cream for me, along with freshly squeezed orange juice. He gave it 4.5/5 while I gave the pancakes 2/5. They were more like butter pancakes are way too sugar/butter loaded for my liking - and I eat condensed milk on toast.

After breakfast jas walked with me to the interview (he knew where it was, I didn't - w/o a map) and wished me luck. Signed in, got a name tag and was directed to a large room full of round tables. Everyone on my table was a girl. Three wedding planners, one table, there will be no happily ever afters. The interviewer was an american lady, 5 questions including skills required and subjects. Before that we went around and introduced ourselves. Two of the girls were friends and totally show offs, in more than one way. One girl, middle eastern looking, wore a top where half of her ... was pretty much falling out. Darling are you lost? I do believe the adult industry interviews are held in the basement on the other side of town. And to top off the outfit she wore a pendent that point right there... Her friend, wasn't as bad, though they did go together. She looks like Glee's Rachel - a variation and wore a boob tube (yes that is the name of the top) and denim underwear short shorts. Where not to stick your name tag: right between there. It is actually your fault everyone's looking there. Why don't you just go topless and wear tassels? These girls were the ones I was up against, I may have failed my question, but I stuck around afterwards to talk to the interviewer and concluded with a handshake. Hopefully that made up for it. We had forms to fill out and had in today, the kids with colour copies did it before arriving and the b/w didn't. Can't believe that they got there before realizing that there were forms to fill. Funny thing, mother wanted  to know all about the interview and her conclusion was that those girls didn't have the skills or achievements and made it up with their "assents" instead XD. Sorry girls, but this ain't the place for interviews for peep shows or pole dancing.

We found another allbooks4less aka $5 bookshop! After about 1.5hrs we bought x3 books and some $1 stationary. Pictures and reviews coming soon. Train + bus home. 4 minute nap turns into a 4hr nap XD.

In other news I found the jar, the other day. Though I'm working on it. Going to paint the lid and add lace or organza. In case you can't tell what it is, it's my perfect corsage from prom. Jas couldn't tell what it was (before coffee) and he was the one who bought it (I designed it :).

Mail ^^. From college, official stationary. Recognized the handwriting before I opened it. A ty note from mr eng :) that's very nice of him to send that, as he already thanks when I gave it to him yesterday. Time stamp says it was sent yesterday too, he must have written and sent it before I even got home. He says he likes the tea ^^, I'm so glad, there were so many types of green tea to choose from, I got the most popular one. Green tea & chocolate (mini pudding thing).

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