Organization - Hair Clips @ Monday, December 19, 2011

Organization Series - Hair Clips

I LOVE art & craft, but sadly can't make a full-time career out of it, so I'm going with my other love - organizing! The other day/week I bought a bunch of 50c xmas tree deco stuff (a few were made into hairclips/accessories), and yesterday I bought another hairclip, a big black bow. The the question is, how do you store all these hair things? For my headbands I just put them in a big box, for the non-fancy/BIG ones anyway. The big ones are hung off the side of a basket, a basket full of big hair accessories which have pretty much never been used, as it's not very accessible.

Today I'll be covering hair clips. Mine are currently all over a "book" (stuff) shelf, and in clear plastic boxes - hence hard to find in the morning, and not being used much. Prompted by additions to the hair clip clan I've decided to find a better way to organize them. The 1st idea: put them all in one big basket. It'll be in one place, but the question is where will you put that basket? Plus they'll still be hard to get to, to a lesser extent. Idea no.2: tied plastic boxes, once again a space issue - and it's $$, say $30-40. The idea now get creative and go to DIY, with a staple & glue gun. So here are the ideas:

*Note: Use grosgrain ribbon (textured)*
a. Picture Frame & Ribbon
b. a but the green is paper/fabric over the backing board. that's also a picture frame
c. same as b, but more decorative
d. board (art canvas?) covered in fabric and then ribboned horizontally
e. same as d, but ribboned vertically, and with hooks at bottom

or for a simply, easier approach, esp for those who live at college and move around a lot we have this...

a. Picture frame, board covered with scrapbooking paper, add a Monogram letter, attach grosgrain ribbon (between the board and frame)
b. Monogram letter, use a glue gun and stick ribbon on the backside of the letter
c. The most simple, portable vs. key ring-ish thing, loop ribbon through, sew it. If feeling creative make a bow for it, or you could sew two layers of ribbon (pink/brown img).

For this style you could also do one for simple headbands, but sewing loops in the ribbon.

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