Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly @ Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to create higher demands: limited edition. e.g. seasonal products. How to create extreme levels of demands: have that seasonal stuff on sale, at least 50% off. And that's how lush does it. Lush sells shower/bath products, expensive, luxury, a want rather than need product. It's nice, though I can't justify only using Lush.Fortunately it's all natural, and being potentially allergic to all their creams in this case is a good thing, highly reduces temptation even to touch it.

I'm recently discovered Lush this year, when sister wanted me to stop by on my way to class to get her some Charity Cream, smells interesting, but I didn't touch it - just in case. Their products smell amazing! Even guys shop for their gf/wife here (actually the only guys I've seen there are: the bored husband, there to carry stuff, and someone buying stuff on a list for their daughter, and jas who was accompanying me the other day). They do have stuff for metrosexual guys, but it doesn't seem to have the same appeal as V8 cars, or going to the car stuffs shop. Though I do think guys would like Lush's products if they were gifted them, and hence had a reason to be caught with a pink and white swirly bath bomb, in a delightful scent of vanilla and lavender.  

Lush had/has a 50% off all xmas products at the moment, and on the first day I bought about $25 of stuff, and the next day I stopped by and bought another bath bomb, in the shape of a fairy wand. Sadly I don't take baths, as it appears you use more water than a shower, which isn't always true, plus no one ever uses the bathtub. Hence the bath bombs will just be pretty decorations on my shelf, in gladzip bags for now. I mainly bought bath bombs the other day, but there was also two bars of soap and a shower jelly. *Slightly regrets not getting the snow fairy shower gel* I got northern lights and snow globe soap. The snow globe came in the Brilliant gift box ($6 on 50% off), along with a 100g pot of Whoosh Shower Jelly (not an xmas limited ed item).

I tried Whoosh Shower Jelly last night. It's a block of jelly in a tub. I've been advised to take it out and cut it into little cubes, about 1.5cm cubed, or so. Being midnight it wasn't going to happen, instead I just grabbed a teaspoon of it, and put it on a mini plastic plate in the shower, where it wouldn't get wet. When you're ready to use it wet a bath sponge thingy, and rub it into that till you get lots of bubbles. If you try to use it like soap, unless you have sandpaper hands, you wouldn't be able to hold it for long, and it'll end up on the floor, and you'll be in the emergency room :P

Whoosh is a citrus scent, perfect for those days that you just don't feel like doing anything. It's great for waking you up or feeling refreshed. And the best part is the scent is only in the shower, meaning for me it doesn't clash with my rose toner and hand cream. Though for those who love citrus, I'd recommend getting a perfume rather than attempting to create a lasting effect with the shower jelly, something like DKNY's green apple perfume might be nice.

Would I buy it again? As a lux item, yes. Normally I wouldn't use it though, not as an everyday thing, only for lazy sundays.
It's $6 for a small 100g tub. Which would last a while, as you use a tsp each time.


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