Pizza & Plays @ Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last night we went for dinner and to see a play with jas, it was interesting - the plays that is. Spontaneously (for me) we went to I Carusi II, as jas couldn't find the Spanish tapas, which turned out to be around the corner.

I Carusi II makes gourmet pizzas, thin based, and healthy. Unlike Crust, they're more about simple ingredients, the flavours rather than 'The Lot' of Pizza Hut. For drinks we ordered, Aranciata Rossa, Italian for blood orange - which was quite nice, it's like Fanta but less fizzy and sugary  "A sparkling blood orange beverage with a slightly bitter tang.". It's like Schweppes Agrum Blood Orange. We were seated by the window, which has a good view, of a group of boys trying to pull a bus stop sign out of the ground.

Jas likes antipasto and ordered a platter of meat (ham?), roasted eggplant & capsicum, olives and crunchy herb bread. The bread was very nice, a healthy garlic bread w/o as much butter and no garlic. Soon after the pizza arrived, 'Pizza for a friend' In bianco, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, pinenuts, rocket, goat's cheese. The pumpkin was sweet and teamed with goat's cheese and a not so overpowering veggie it was perfect!

After dinner we went to Theatre Work, where MKA: Theatre of New Writing was presented a double bill. On MKA, what does it stand for? "It was a funny old sign that no-one was using. So we took it. Made it our own." Just a name :P, one that makes one curious to google it, in an attempt to find out what it means.

The first play was Hose, a play about a woman named Isabelle, who seeks sanctuary in a beauty salon. As beautician Jody performs treatments on Isabelle, her superficial layers are peeled away and the details of a brutal revenge crime she has committed are revealed... (from the website). Isabelle is at the salon, it flashed between the present and past, and the story is a bit confusing. From what I gathered, she maybe likes this guy who's with another girl, she watches them do it, which is quite amusing as part of what they actually did was foreplay XD (still wearing some clothing), the guy goes nuts later on, she ties him up and takes out his teeth (non-graphic wording). Compared to what I've been reading, that's nothing - the author knows too much about how to get ham/pork/bacon and serve human as ham. 

Tinkertown was next, a black comedy. Involving "Shooting, kidnapping, speed, jukeboxes, dancing, coked-out sex, alcoholism and stabbing...". It's about a guy, Chester who just got out of jail for shooting his wife. He shoots her sister, and kidnaps his 16yr old daughter. Things happen. He gets drunk, stabbed and eventually dies. In a way it was better than Hose, in that there was a plot and timeline.

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Where at 11pm on a Saturday night can you find ice cream, with Cold Rock closed? I'm not sure, but I swear most milkshakes are really just melted ice cream. And so we found ourselves at the Pancake Palour for late night drinks. Since the last visit, over a year ago, there have a a few additions, such as the amazing Swiss Mountain Malt, served in one of those massive German beer mugs. Think of as a creamier version of Hudsons's shakes - with malt. It as wonderful :) and highly recommended. Meanwhile jas went for the classic creamy soda/spider, soda + ice cream = amazing... served in a huge super size milkshake glass.

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