Roses & Daisies @ Thursday, February 23, 2012

We haven't blogged much this week due to travelling, college prep and appointments. Monday was International O-Day, where we had to wear tags with our name and location of where we were from. There was a clown making balloon animals, she was amazing, and made a 1m spider for a girl from china, do they really feel a need to take a picture of everything with asian poses? XD. I got a massive trio of tulips wrapped in yellow with hearts on the side. After recess it started raining, apparently "everyone" left and of those who were left, we sat around waiting for info sessions to start - which were all cancelled due to the rain - even though they were indoors... At the station they had roses at an irresistible price 10 for $1!, and they had them in a lovely dark red.

Tuesday & Wednesday was pretty much the same. Tues, we met the other people in our class, lots of girls who sat in a group, two girls from Scandinavia (who were interestingly very very tanned, almost orange) and two boys - it's going to be an interesting few years ahead. And so far it seems we only have one competitor ;) On wed we had intro classes, running late I went to the other campus, where one class was cancelled (the speaker failed to turn up, and wasn't in her office).

Today we went to the dentist, wandered into OW and found what I thought were the refills for the pen, but sadly the bump is too low and it's too short - almost but not quite. While we were at OW, we received a free STABILO point 88, in UM blue. 4mm! I do like the smaller tips and fine liners, rather than ball point. Going to try it out, and afterwards we might get a pack. Meanwhile, here's a review with very nice pictures.

Mail! Since the mailbox is not designed for packages, they were left in direct sunlight next to the mailbox - right where anyone walking past could have easily taken them, and be caught on camera, but only if you knew them. We're getting a sign put up that all deliveries must be signed. I received MJ's Daisy 50ml $44 from ebay & the ring for $20 (including overcharged x2 + y delivery).

MJ's Daisy 50ml $40

Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring

I haven't tried it yet, but love the concept. But perhaps not so much the actually product. I'm one of the lucky people, as the ring fits! (and is a bit difficult to remove), though it does weight a lot.  It's going to end up in my pencil case attached with a key/chain for touch ups during the day. As a necklace it would be awkward being top heavy - that and it's one big heavy pendent. More pictures here.

Yes I am aware there's a lighting & photo inconsistency - we haven't quite mastered the Canon yet. And we will miss Picnik very much, as they're still unfortunately closing down in April.

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